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LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade #2 – Charting!

Adding the Median Income Chart

Adding the Median Income Chart

I posted yesterday about a major speed enhancement just released with the upgrade of Geocortex Essentials that was completed last week – Googly Search.

Here is another big addition that we are leveraging – CHARTS!

A few years ago the ESRI flex viewer had some pretty cool chart widgets – I have been working with Latitude Geographics (click to go to their site) to add this major enhancement – which combines the power of maps with the data aggregation of charts.

I anticipate a LOT of use within County applications of this feature to provide visualizations of client populations, historical information, and trends.  Can’t wait to see it in action.

If you want to play with it, follow the instructions below:


  1. Open the GIS Viewer (
  2. Change to the Demographic Theme (on top of the layer list)
  3. Zoom in a bit until you see the census tract boundaries turn on.
  4. On the top bar, switch to the “Identify and Query Tab” and select a query type – perhaps start with Rectangle.
  5. Draw a box on the map to select a number of Census Tracts
  6. When the list comes up, you will see a new item called “Charting View” – click that.
  7. By default, the Population by Ethnicity Pie Chart will appear.  There is a drop down box above and to the left that you can use to add additional charts, such as median household income.
    1. If you make another selection while the charts are active, they will automatically recalculate.
    2. If you click on a bar chart, the map will zoom to show the area you selected.

Don’t forget reports

You can also get reports on the demographics of an area

  1. Under the “Printing and Reporting” Tab – select Create Report
  2. Select a set of Census Tracts with the relevant tool
  3. Generate the report
  4. Print and Enjoy!

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