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Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 – CONNECT New Release

For Desktop 10.1 users only:

This is an important new release – if you are using ESRI ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 with the Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop – CONNECT extension, you MUST UPGRADE to this latest release in order to continue to use the Extension after June 2nd, 2014.

This does NOT affect users with local image libraries, only those using the CONNECT extension. It is also only for users of ArcGIS Desktop 10.1, not 10.0 or 10.2 – see the Downloads page below for those versions.

A new release of Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop – CONNECT has become available.

In addition to continued functionality after the 6/2/2014 systems update, the following changes have been implemented in this new version:

New and changed features

– The new Clear Annotation toolbar button lets you remove measurement annotations without having to select a different measurement tool.
– A Logout button has been added to the toolbar so you can easily log out of the extension.
– To provide a better user experience, the extension now automatically scrolls to the next adjacent image when you pan to the edge of an image (Auto transition). Consequently, the “Pan Options between images” option is no longer needed and has been removed from the Display tab of the Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop Settings dialog.
– The Image Viewer window displays newer, more modern-looking buttons. For example, the appearance of the Navigation camera buttons has been enhanced with the use of 3D arrows, and the documentation now refers to these buttons as “Navigation arrows” (Their functionality has not changed.)
– The Image Viewer window now contains a Layers button. Clicking this button opens a list of layers so you can select the layers you want to view on your imagery.
– Because the new Layers button lets users display layers in the Image Viewer window, the “Display Street Lines” and “Display Pictometry Parcel Layer” checkboxes are no longer needed and have been removed from the Options tab of the Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop Settings dialog.

Bugs fixed
– The Add Image to Map tool now adds Ortho images correctly to the ArcMap Data Frame.
– The warning message (lower right corner) about the maximum images that have been added to ArcMap has been updated to reflect the newer 25 image limit.
– The latest Pictometry logos are now used when the extension is launched and on the login page.
– The zoom shortcuts now appear to the right of the zoom slider so they no longer cover up the zoom slider.
– The extract image setting “Remove overlays” now correctly prevents overlays from appearing on exported images. This setting removes both ArcMap and Pictometry-hosted layers.
– Fixed the delay that occurred when a user logged in or launched the extension.
– Fixed the image rendering issues that occurred when using IE10 and zooming in or out on a Bing map.
– Improved the amount of time it takes to display the message “Your account is logged in elsewhere” and to display the “Logout Session” dialog that allows the user to click a button and terminate the other session.
– Fixed the issue in which zooming on neighborhood images skipped a zoom level (zoomed to a community image instead of zooming out one more level on a neighborhood image).
– Fixed the issue in which Pictometry-hosted layers were not displayed on extracted images.

Known issues

– Images added to the map may be discolored. This is a bug in ESRI’s stretching algorithm. The workaround, until we can find a fix or update from ESRI, is to set the stretch method to “None” as follows:
To set the default stretch method for a particular layer:
1. Select the layer, and then select Properties.
2. Click the Symbology tab.
3. Set the stretch method to None.
To set the default stretch method for all images:
1. Select ArcMAP Options from the Customize menu.
2. Select the Raster tab and the Raster layer sub-tab.
3. Set the default stretch method to None.

To Obtain This New Release

You should uninstall any previous versions of Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop – CONNECT prior to installing this new release.

The installation and documentation files can be downloaded from here (be sure to download the correct version for ArcGIS Desktop 10):

Please contact Pictometry Customer Support at 1-888-771-9714 x260 or if you have any questions.

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