April 2015
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Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3 Add-In Released

Pictometry has released a new version of our popular Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop tool for Pictometry Connect.

Unlike previous versions, this release has been built as an ESRI Add-In. Previous releases utilized the Extension technology for providing Pictometry functionality within ArcGIS Desktop.

What does this mean to users?

– This release now supports ArcGIS Desktop 10.3, as well as 10.2 and 10.1
– The Add-In technology will make updates easier than the Extension technology
– The Add-In technology is ESRI’s newer means of interfacing with ArcGIS Desktop

Installation is a snap, just follow the instructions in the User Guide, available at the download link below.

The Installer now has two parts – be sure to run both to completely install the Add-In. See the User Guide for instructions.

Note About UAC and Installation: If you are installing on a machine in which User Account Control (UAC) is turned off, the Configuration utility might run silently (whether launched from the Windows Start Menu or from the Pictometry Image Driver Installation Wizard). If the Add Image to Map feature does not work as expected, enable User Account Control and run the configuration utility from the Windows Start Menu so that you can be sure it ran successfully. (See “The Configuration utility” on page 3 of the Pictometry® for ArcGIS Desktop – CONNECT User Guide for more information.)

Use of this product requires an active Pictometry Connect user account. Please contact your Pictometry Connect Administrator to obtain one.

This Add-In does not support Local Pictometry image libraries.


– Open a Pictometry image that corresponds to a point you click in your ArcMap data frame.
– Pan the Pictometry image in an Image Viewer window to view other geographic locations.
– Synchronize the map in a variety of ways.
– Zoom in to view “Neighborhood” images (shot from a lower altitude) or zoom out to view “Community” images (shot from a higher altitude).
– Search for an image by street address or by lat/long coordinates.
– Analyze your Pictometry images with a variety of measurement tools
– View a location’s coordinates with the Location Tool.
– Extract a portion of your Pictometry image and export it to an image file.
– View and identify GIS data, elevation contour lines, street lines/names, and US parcels on Pictometry images.
– Add Images to ArcMap with the Add Image to Map feature.
– Submit feedback to Pictometry by clicking a toolbar button.
– Automatically update to new versions of the Connect Add-in if desired


– Due to how ArcMap handles toolbars, the Pictometry toolbar might not appear in ArcMap after the add-in is installed. If you don’t see the Pictometry toolbar after installation, you can enable it by selecting Customize Toolbars and then selecting the Connect Add-in.

– Contour lines are not displayed after closing and reopening ArcMap. They must be re-enabled in settings. (Select Display Contour Lines on the Options tab of the ArcGIS Desktop Settings dialog box.)


You can download the installation files and documentation at the following link:


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