July 2015
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County Presentations at the ESRI UC

For those of you who are going to the ESRI User Conference next week, check out the maps that LA County will be showing at the Map Gallery (we have a dedicated space this year).

As well, I will be posting the presentations that our staff will be doing below:

Information Description Public Works



LA County GIS Data Portal reaches 1 million hits!

Late last week the LA County GIS Data Portal reached a pretty cool milestone – 1 million views!

We started our site to share the County’s GIS data back in 2009, and got 269 views that year.

In 2010, we ramped up to 6,706 views – but as you can see […]

Southern California GIS users meet and greet at the ESRI conference

Hello everyone,

As we have done for the past two years, we have reserved a room at the ESRI conference for Southern California GIS users to meet each other. So if you are at the ESRI conference this year, I encourage you to put names to faces, and get to know your GIS peers around […]

GIS Position in San Luis Obispo County

The County of San Luis Obispo is looking for a talented individual for the position of Geographic Information Systems Analyst I or II. San Luis Obispo County Information Technology Department (ITD) supports the countywide technology infrastructure and approximately 2,500 users. The County’s implementation of GIS crosses multiple departments and is coordinated through the County […]

Map of California GIS Contacts

The California Geographic Information Association has released a map showing GIS contacts across the State. This very useful map will allow you to connect with GIS professionals across the state, and hopefully will serve as a way to connect the GIS community in the state of California.

Using the map, you can:


What is Open Street Map?

About a decade ago, a group of cyclists in the U.K. were frustrated with the lack of freely available street map data. Cyclists need to know how to get from here to there without freeways. This is what led to the founding of OpenStreetMap, or OSM, one of the world’s best known crowd-sourced projects. […]