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County Presentations at the ESRI UC

For those of you who are going to the ESRI User Conference next week, check out the maps that LA County will be showing at the Map Gallery (we have a dedicated space this year).

As well, I will be posting the presentations that our staff will be doing below:

Information Description
Public Works


Marianne Jeffers

Francis Calasanz



8:30 – 9:45 AM

Room 23A

Benchmark Project


The Los Angeles County Public Work’s Vertical Control Network cover more than 1,700 miles of level runs and comprise of almost 9000 benchmarks. The elevation information associated with each benchmark is essential for surveyors and is available for download in the form of tabular data in pdf format. Converting the tabular data to points in GIS not only improved the delivery method via mobile devices but presented us with opportunities for process improvement and data mining.




Tom Weisenberger

Christine Lam



3:15 – 4:30

Room 31A

Mapping Fruit Trees: A Web Map Data Entry System


Detecting invasive insects is extremely important to protect California agriculture. A web mapping and editing application with mobile capabilities has been developed at LA County so that paper files stored in binders can be converted into a GIS database. The Pest Detection Viewer will be demonstrated to show how the latest GIS technology, database spatial queries, and tools provided by Esri and Latitude Geographics have enabled users to efficiently enter over half a million fruit trees


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  • Jason Levine is presenting a paper on work he did here at the County on Thursday from 1:30 – 2:45 in Room 24C.

    Augmenting GIS Web-Mapping Applications with PHP

    Utilizing the power of PHP scripting has allowed me to greatly enhance several web-mapping applications that I manage and develop for my department. From logging usage statistics in a database to storing and retrieving dynamic tokens to and from a central location, PHP has greatly improved the efficiency of my applications. This presentation will cover a few of the ways I’ve used PHP in conjunction with the ESRI web-mapping APIs.

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