October 2015
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CalGIS 2016 – Call for presentations

The 22th annual CalGIS conference is coming to Anaheim, CA, May 10-12, 2016 at the Sheraton park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort. CalGIS provides a wonderful GIS opportunity to learn, share and interact with your colleagues from across the state! Participation may be in a variety of formats including:

  1. Map gallery – Have you developed some beautiful maps? Share them with your colleagues in the map gallery!
  2. Poster presentation – Poster presentations allow you to share your work with colleagues in a visual format in a leisurely setting. Posters may incorporate any combination of descriptive text, graphics and maps.
  3. Lightning Talk – These are very brief presentations (5 minutes max – you will be timed!) which highlight an essential element of your work with GIS. Fun and often irreverent.
  4. Traditional Presentation – If you prefer a more traditional approach, present your GIS applications, developments, tips and tricks in a longer format talk.
  5. Panel Discussion – If you have a group of people you’d like to have present together around a topic or theme, there are opportunities to organize a moderated panel presentation and discussion.
  6. Not sure? – Let us know what you’d like to share and we will try to find the best opportunity for you to participate! We are always looking for innovative ways to share with our attendees.

Why you should submit a presentation?
While everyone working in GIS or spatial data and analysis will benefit by attending CalGIS, it’s even better when you share your experiences and applications by presenting. The past few years have seen great CalGIS conferences. Attendees and vendors have told the conference committee how valuable they have found the conference content.

The question is why you should present your work and thoughts at the conference.

  • You work hard, get a little recognition. Your peers appreciate your efforts.
  • You do things that others do and they can learn from you.
  • You do things no one else does and your unique perspective can contribute to others.
  • Others hear about your work and can help you. This isn’t a one way street.
  • You can contribute to our field. Your presence and ideas make us all richer.
  • You can make connections. We have seen presenters make new contacts, find new data and tools to help them in their work and even be offered jobs due to their presentations.
  • Your work is much more interesting than you give yourself credit for. Share and see your work through new eyes.

Abstract Submissions are due on or before January 15, 2016.
All accepted presenters must register and pay the standard conference registration fee.
For complete conference details and online abstract submission, visit www.calgis.org today!

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