November 2015
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GIS Manager for Kern County

Kern County has released a new opening for the GIS Manager for Kern County:

Salary: $2,756.94 – $3,365.64 Biweekly

Essential Duties:

  • Directs, coordinates and manages GIS activities with other County agencies and departments; with Kern County cities and other county jurisdictions, state and federal agencies, and with private entities.  Works with the County Surveyor to create a schedule of required information for the continuous update of the GIS functions.
  • Through the position of Chair of the County GIS Coordination Team, develops, implements and manages the GIS program county-wide; and coordinates with the County Surveyor to set the County standards for GIS data, software, and procedures.
  • Supervises technical staff to include:  prioritizing and assigning work; managing and evaluating work of assigned staff, conducts employee performance evaluations; ensures staff are trained; and makes hiring, termination and disciplinary recommendations.
  • Reviews work of staff to ensure county-wide GIS requirements and standards have been met; reviews GIS products for accuracy, completeness and aesthetics and for compliance with customer requirements.
  • Develops, operates, documents, and maintains the County’s GIS System.
  • Supervises and manages development and maintenance of geospatial data layers and databases to meet high standards for completeness, accuracy and utility; supervises and participates in quality control checks of data conversion from non-GIS formats into GIS data; supervises the production of standard maps and other products to meet the needs of the department and customers.
  • Oversees the maintenance of the County’s base map.
  • Performs spatial analysis such as buffering, spatial overlays and distance calculations using established methods and procedures.
  • Provides technical guidance and expertise to GIS professional and technical staff in other departments.
  • Serves as technical resource to department managers and provides professional advice to users on the design and use of GIS technologies and products.
  • Develops operational policies and procedures related to the GIS system.
  • Prepares technical guides and operational and procedural manuals.
  • Prepares technical reports, maps and presentations related to the GIS system.
  • Provides technical guidance, training and expertise to GIS staff and other users.
  • Assists in the development of the GIS program budget and monitors expenditures.
  • Meets with users to establish specific requirements and priorities; develops cost estimates for product and service requests.
  • Creates and uses queries and scripts to identify, analyze and correct spatial and attribute data; oversees and coordinates processing and loading of GIS data.
  • Coordinates the sharing of data and delivery of services with other departments and agencies.
  • Leads and participates in the design and development of GIS applications and tools to automate the processes and facilitates analysis and reporting; participates in and may serve as project manager in the design, development, modification, enhancement, and upgrading of applications and databases to provide mapping and other GIS services.
  • Participates in the preparation and evaluation of proposals, bids, contracts and service agreements for GIS software, equipment and consulting services.
  • Participates in the development, implementation and evaluation of departmental goals and objectives.
  • Maintains back-up of programs and data files and develops appropriate security measures to ensure the integrity of information.
  • Represents the County on committees and advisory groups to foster cooperation and ensure consistent practices for storage and sharing of geospatial data.


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