June 2016
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I am moving to become the LA County Chief Data Officer

I wanted to let folks know that I have accepted the position of the Chief Data Officer of the County of Los Angeles, effective today, Thursday, June 16th, 2016.

After 10 years as LA County’s Geographic Information Officer, and over 20 years working with GIS, I am excited for this new opportunity, and look forward to bringing my background with geospatial intelligence and analysis into the broader data world of the County.  Becoming the Chief Data Officer will give me the opportunity to expand the scope of my work to include all facets of the County’s operations and information, and helping the County leverage data to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its support to the 10 million residents of LA County.

My success is wholly and completely due to the energy, expertise, collaborative spirit, and generosity of the County’s GIS community.    I have always seen myself as the cheerleader of these great people, and that will always continue.  You have made these years rewarding as I saw the growth of the impact and influence of GIS.  Both within the County, and through the wonderful collaboration with cities, agencies, educational institutions, and the public, I have learned so much from everyone around me.

I am really proud of the work that has led to the LA County GIS Data Portal, the LA County GIS Viewer, the Solar Map, and the many other applications and datasets that have made GIS more available and visible to everyone.   Most importantly, the creation of a GIS Classification series I think will have the greatest impact on the County in the long term, with the ability to recruit and retain talent, and partner with educational institutions meaning that GIS will continue to thrive long beyond any one person is gone.  The fact that 140 County staff are recognized and compensated as GIS professionals is already having ripple effects across the Country, since LA’s size and scope makes it a leader nationally.

OK – I’ll get off my soapbox.


What comes next

I will be at the next eGIS Committee Meeting on July 26th to hand over the reins of that great group.

My email address, phone number, and office will remain the same, since I will still be within the Chief Information Office of the County.  So it isn’t as large a transition as it might have been, and I will be available as necessary as the County finds a new GIO who can continue geo-enabling the County.  I expect to work closely with the new GIO, since most of our data is location-based, and GIS will be critical for sharing and analyzing it.

Until a new GIO is appointed, I am providing a list of contacts who will temporarily take responsibility for major initiatives is below, and more importantly, answer and direct questions.

I will still be available to provide occasional support, and provide guidance on GIS matters, but the experts listed below will be able to take over my work seamlessly.


Enterprise GIS General Questions

Enterprise GIS Steering Committee and Executive Committee

Enterprise GIS Systems and Services

Enterprise GIS Repository and GIS Data Portal

GIS Software Licensing        

County GIS Services to Cities

Countywide Address Management System (CAMS)

Los Angeles Regional Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LARIAC)

Location Management System and Services Locator


Census and Demographic Support


For a more detailed set of contacts, please refer to the County’s GIS Services Catalog.

Mark Greninger
Geographic Information Officer (former)
County of Los Angeles


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