July 2016
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Digital maps send all ‘bad’ requests to same coordinates; land of lousy data

If You Can’t Follow Directions, You’ll End Up on Null Island

Digital maps send all ‘bad’ requests to same coordinates; land of lousy data


The map of a fictional place called Null Island is encoded as a default location for mapping mistakes in many digital mapping systems. It is an inside joke among cartographers. […]

GIS Courses at Rio Hondo College

Passing this along:

Rio Hondo College GIS courses start the week of August 22nd. Registration is open for classes on campus including a Cartography course located off site at the LA County Department of Public Works (900 S Fremont Ave, Alhambra). Directions for applying for admission and registering for the classes can be found […]

eGIS Committee Meeting Agenda

The meeting agenda for tomorrow’s eGIS committee meeting is attached here: eGIS meeting notice and Agenda – July 26 2016

It is a full agenda, with discussions around the GIS exams, GIS Day 2016, LARIAC update, a handover of the chair of the committee, as well as presentations from Public Works about how GIS […]

LARIAC4 Status Meeting and LARIAC5 Kick-off Meeting

Hello LARIAC participants,


This Thursday (7/28/16) we have our LARIAC4 status update, and LARIAC 5 kick-off meeting. The agenda is attached. This is an important meeting to attend. Pictometry will be providing lunch after the meeting, so it is important that you RSVP so we can get an idea of how much food […]

Congrats to Martha Selig (Regional Planning) Esri Conference 2016 Map Gallery Award Winner

Kudos are in order for our very own Martha Selig, Senior GIS Analyst with the LA County Dept. of Regional Planning.

Martha was awarded second place for her poster “Protecting Los Angeles County’s Scenic Ridgelines” in the Analytical Presentation Map category at this year’s Esri International User Conference 2016 Map Gallery. Hers was one of […]

LA County opening GIS exams for its GIS Series (July 2016)

I am please to announce that the County of Los Angeles is opening GIS exams for the recruitment of talented staff to fill a number of vacant GIS positions within the County and to support its GIS recruitment and retention efforts. There are limitations on the number of applications that we will process, so […]

City of Los Angeles GeoHub Presentation at ESRI

Congratulations to Lillian Coral and the City of Los Angeles for a great presentation on the value of GIS and how it is benefiting the City of Los Angeles. It’s a 9 minute video:

LA County buildings being loaded into OpenStreetMap (in 3D!)

Since we made our Building Outlines public a few years ago, I have received requests here and there for that information in order to load that information into Open StreetMap (OSM). The scope of the project is huge (over 3,o00,000 buildings) and OSM doesn’t allow, as far as I know, the ability to just […]

Every Single Trail in California on One Map

Thanks for a couple of folks passing this along. Pretty amazing work by one person – although it would be hard to take this one with you 🙂



Big Data Day L.A.

What is ‘Big Data’? If we gathered all the digital data our civilization has collected from the beginning of time until the year 2000, it would be less than what we now create in a minute.

The dramatic rise of internet usage by phone and the use of other smart devices is something that Esri […]