July 2016
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LA County opening GIS exams for its GIS Series (July 2016)

gis examsI am please to announce that the County of Los Angeles is opening GIS exams for the recruitment of talented staff to fill a number of vacant GIS positions within the County and to support its GIS recruitment and retention efforts.  There are limitations on the number of applications that we will process, so be ready to apply when the exams open July 18th at 8 AM.

Download the flyer here, which links to salary and to the positions: GIS announcement 7-12-16.pdf

Important information

Some of the exams will close after the first 100 applications are received - I anticipate them filling very very fast!

These exams do not come around often – so if you are interested in working in the GIS profession with LA County, this is your best opportunity for the next year or so.  Don’t miss this chance!


The County’s civil service procedures may be arcane to students and other folks who have worked in the private sector – I’ll highlight the steps here here:

  1. Upon receiving an application, Human Resources will ensure an applicant meets the Minimum Requirements (MRs).  Each position that you may apply for has a set of MRs – make sure that you meet them, and prove that you do, otherwise you don’t move forward.
  2. A set of online tests will be administered for each position that requires one that will ensure you have the basic GIS skillsets that are required.
  3. If those tests are passed, you may be called for an interview if that is part of the requirements for the position.

The results of steps 2 and 3 are combined into a final “score.”  Candidates are then banded, with high scoring candidates in Band “A”, next levels in Band “B”, etc.

Being placed in a high band does not guarantee a position, but you have to be on a band to be hired.

At this point departments that have open positions will review the list of candidates, determine which one(s) they wish to interview for their specific needs, and then reach out to those candidates.

This process can be lengthy.  Sorry to say that.  However – I would say that it is worth it – the County is both an interesting and rewarding place for GIS professionals.

Good luck!


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