December 2016
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GIS Specialist position as West Basin Water District

Click this link for the full posting: geographic-information-system-specialist_exam-57

SALARY:                  $64,522 – $80,652 Annually

West Basin is seeking an experienced Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialist who, under general supervision, will manage, operate, and maintain West Basin’s GIS program, consisting of ESRI database, asset management, and other web-based third-party application software.  In addition, this position will oversee the West Basin’s record drawing management, and will provide support to West Basin staff to develop maps for various reports and presentations.


Key responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the maintenance and administration of the West Basin’s GIS database and GIS software.  This includes data design, organization, conversion, metadata preparation, and maintenance activities.
  • Programs applications, tools, and user interfaces for the management of geographic information, data analysis, map production, and enhancements to existing applications.
  • Gathers, verifies, enters, edits, maintains, and updates collected field and office generated attributes and spatial data; edits and performs quality assurance on data entities and attributes.
  • Consults with District departments regarding GIS needs and requirements; including identifying and developing GIS applications for specific departments.
  • Creates high quality maps and/or other means of graphical representation of West Basin pipelines or facilities.
  • Collect data from distribution system to update GIS database, including the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ESRI based products, GIS/CAD conversion tools and functionalities.
  • Ability to read and interpret civil engineering plans and specifications in order to maintain a database according to West Basin’s GIS conversion standards for the collection of recycled water infrastructure.
  • Gather, verify, edit, input, maintain, and update collected field attributes, tabular, and spatial data; maintain integrity of data, and incorporate redline revisions to as-built designs.
  • Maintain and update distribution plans. Maintain and update database of geo coded distribution system assets and related information.
  • Manages utility requests of distribution system.

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