December 2016
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URISA Leadership Academy

I’m passing this along from URISA. While our love of geospatial technology drives us in our professions to do many wonders for society, the URISA Leadership Academy offers a great opportunity to help us overcome that gap many of us might have in our education. Every organization needs that rare individual with the genuine talent to ‘make the trains run on time’ and spread GIS technology.

Unlike traditional technology management training programs, this one week event was created by GIS Professionals who know our industry and the issues we face. Due to an increased demand, URISA is offering two academies in 2017, including one in San Diego, California.

Words to the wise: Don’t wait. These events fill quickly!


Since uploading this post, I was inundated with quite a few emails, so let me try to answer some questions.

Some of us feel the best candidates for this event are people currently staffed in GIS management positions or qualified de facto managers of small, one-person GIS shops. Remember that your office training budget is a major factor.

Remember that your best resource for needed self improvement skills will likely be your own supervisor or college instructors. If you are a Los Angeles County employee, our Human Resources Department offers some excellent training sessions on supervision, providing your boss wishes to send you.

While this one week seminar offers valuable information that can benefit your organization, please remember it should not be viewed as a substitute for your local university Business or Public Administration program.

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