February 2020
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GIS Case Study – LA County Solar Map

LA County Solar Map and Green Planning Tool Chief Information Office with Internal Services Department http://solarmap.lacounty.gov

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Solar photovoltaic electricity deployment has been slowed in LA County, and elsewhere, due to the complexities of the installation process. A business or resident interested in solar […]

Longest Beaver Dam in the World

Longest beaver dam in the world

I saw this article the other day (World’s largest beaver dam explored by Rob Mark) where he trekked 9 days to get to this beaver dam (don’t ask me why). What was interesting to me, though, was the fact that this dam is close […]

Washington slide shows the value of quality mapping

Checking out this link passed along by SoCalGIS: http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2023215066_mudslidemondayxml.html, and the maps in the article, highlighted, for me, the value of good GIS data.

Having a “before” picture provided by GIS, along with streets, parcels, building outlines, and other critical information, along with LIDAR data, makes the maps show the massive […]

Mapping all of the pools in the LA Basin

This was an interesting article that just came out. The use of crowd-sourcing and Mechanical Turk are interesting twists on creating data:



Here is a link to their methodology:


How LARIAC benefits local governments

A nice article came out today about LARIAC – just in time for GIS Day!

Read the article here.

I’ll be posting some pictures about our event today – hope you can make it!

Link to GIS Day page

Study Finds Spatial Skill Is Early Sign of Creativity

A gift for spatial reasoning — the kind that may inspire an imaginative child to dismantle a clock or the family refrigerator — may be a greater predictor of future creativity or innovation than math or verbal skills, particularly in math, science and related fields, according to a study published Monday in the journal Psychological […]

Pictometry Aids in Oklahoma Devastation

A good case study for why we in the County have worked with Pictometry to capture imagery for public safety:



Mathematician of Maps


Open Sheriff data goes viral

ESRI has published a how-to guide on building web maps showing Sheriff Crime data with ArcGIS Online: read the post here

The reason this post hit me was not so much for the fact that it uses LA County data, which is great, or the fact that our Sheriff department shares […]

San Francisco Public Art

Congratulations to Nancy Milholland on her application: San Francisco Public Art

Nancy is a student at USC, and this application has made it into the top 5 of the Robert Raskin Mapping Mashup Competition

Members of the LA Regional GIS Forum are getting together to begin building something like […]