August 2019
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Block-group level electricity usage in LA DWP

This is pretty cool – I thought I would share this visualization of Block-group level electricity usage in LA DWP territory.

Unfortunately is it only DWP territory, but it is a great start. I would love to add this the LA County Solar Map

Code Enforcement Goes High-Tech

Thanks to Michael Carson of Burbank and (I highly recommend signing up) for this great article about using LIDAR to spot code violations:

The article mentions pilot projects in Los Angeles – I wonder what they might be …


Women In India Use Smartphones To Map Perverts In Real Time

Women In India Use Smartphones To Map Perverts In Real Time

FluView tracks the spread of flu

Thanks Doug for pointing me here – I like the time effect so you can see the spread of the flu this year, which is apparently pretty bad.

Get your flu shot!!!!

LA County Solar Map impacts Feed in tariff


It has been a long time, but the work that was done for the LA County solar map provided the quantitative underpinning and justification for LADWP’s feed-in-tariff. UCLA used our solar database to analyze the impacts and benefits of a feed-in-tariff property by property, which helped provide support for the LA Business Roundtable to […]

DPSS Javascript based mapping applications

Map Sample

The County Department of Public Social Services has developed a number of embedded maps that provide information about the location of the many program sites and offices that they offer, including Toy Loan programs and major service locations.

These were developed with the ESRI Javascript API, meaning that DPSS […]

LAPD Tries Crime Predicting Software

“The software creates a “heat map” that was found to be more accurate than seasoned police veterans at predicting where crimes would happen next …”

Link to article in Government Technology –

Link to MIT Technology Review article –


3D GIS in Columbia Co.

Columbia County, Georgia implemented 3D mapping data which is accessible through a simple viewer or through ArcMap and AutoCAD. It is also accessible in the field with laptops via wireless VPN connections.

The article describes it, “Think of Google Street View, but with the added bonus of measuring the height and depth of structures along […]

Report on County’s (not LA) GIS Investment Quantifies Benefits

When Maps Shouldn’t Be Maps