June 2019
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Story map of LA City Major Projects

This website is one of the nicest uses of the ESRI Story Map Template I’ve seen – showing major projects in the City of Los Angeles as put together by the LA City Department of Planning.

I like how the site plans are included, along with relevant documents like the Environmental Impact Statements, etc.


Recent Changes to California’s Offshore Boundary

Last week, American Surveyor published an article regarding a recent United States Supreme Court decree that changed how California’s offshore boundary is defined.

For many years, the boundary between California’s and United States federal offshore territory was ‘ambulatory’, meaning its location was controlled by a coastline that moved, subject to natural erosion […]

GIS Case Study – LA County Regional Storm Drain System

Department of Public Works (DPW) http://dpw.lacounty.gov/fcd/stormdrain

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Problem: Los Angeles County’s urbanization took place in a region prone to periodic droughts and flooding. Designed to protect life and property from flooding caused by major storm events, a drainage infrastructure of debris basins, catch basins, inlet structures, underground […]

CGIA call for GIS content

Passing this along – if you have any related documents I think it makes sense to share.

As part of its mission of providing best practice examples for GIS professional in the state, the California Geographic Information Association (CGIA) is developing a document repository which will serve as a resource for GIS professionals and managers.


GIS Case Study – DCFS Referral Address Verification System (RAVS)

Referral Address Verification Systems (RAVS) Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) http://gis.lacounty.gov/ravs

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Problem: DCFS Child Protection Hotline (CPH) has no means of determining the accuracy of the referral address to appropriately assign referrals to Regional Office and cross reporting to Law Enforcement Agency. Solution:The Referral Address […]

GIS Case Study – 2010 Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA)

2010 Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) Chief Executive Office (CEO), Urban Research Group http://www.census.gov

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Problem: The County of Los Angeles provides services to the residents of the County. Many programs are supported by federal funding that is calculated by the number of residents of the County. […]

GIS Case Studies

LA County has created a number of case studies for the benefits of GIS. In order to broaden their reach, I will be publishing these as individual posts over the next few weeks – approximately on each week until we run out :). This will make them more searchable online since the major search engines […]

GIS Case Study – LA County Solar Map

LA County Solar Map and Green Planning Tool Chief Information Office with Internal Services Department http://solarmap.lacounty.gov

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Solar photovoltaic electricity deployment has been slowed in LA County, and elsewhere, due to the complexities of the installation process. A business or resident interested in solar […]

Longest Beaver Dam in the World

Longest beaver dam in the world

I saw this article the other day (World’s largest beaver dam explored by Rob Mark) where he trekked 9 days to get to this beaver dam (don’t ask me why). What was interesting to me, though, was the fact that this dam is close […]

LA County GIS Directives

LA County released a set of GIS Directives as authorized by the CIO and the Chief Exectuive Officer a years ago – I wanted to share. There are three directives:

Enterprise GIS Repository – which mandates that departments will publish authoritative data to a central repository for sharing, and further published to the