February 2020
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GIS position in Long Beach – NOAA Fisheries

Thanks to Carol Ostergren for passing this along:

Job Description (Word File)

All Station Fire Perimeters (as of September 2, 07:02) – Complete set

I have downloaded and projected all current fire perimeters from August 28 – September 2nd – they are in Zone V in a single directory.

All Station Fire Perimiters (as of September 2, 07:02) – zip file

Station Fire Perimeters – September 1st morning – AS IS

Hello – here is a recent fire perimeter from this morning.


Also wanted to pass along a description of the process on how they are created from Tim Smith of LA County Fire.

Thanks Tim – I also wanted to pass along my appreciation for all of the hard work your team is […]

Station Fire Perimeters – GIS shapefiles – AS IS

Attached below are a set of GIS shapefiles that have been zipped up for use.

NOTE! These are provided AS IS. They are used for planning purposes by the fire department, and are not intended to show the fire perimeters at a specific time. They will provide a useful guide, but I am putting them […]

Fire Perimeter GIS Data – August 30, 00:25

Here is the perimeter for August 30th at midnight: ca_station_20090830_0025_z5 (zip file)

November Southern California Fire Data

Please download the attached file for the fire data.

The data includes Montecito, Orange County, and Sylmar.

The source of the data is Governor’s Office of Emergency Service.

Fire Data 20081117

Northern California Fire Websites

From the USGS, State Office of Emergency Services (OES) and State Resources Agency: Web site with California fire summary:


For ArcGIS users, go here with ArcCatalog:



Santa Anita SMD Fire GIS Data

Here is the incident data (point shapefile) for Santa Anita SMD Fire.


(Data from Fire Department)

Santa Anita SMD Fire Maps

Here are the maps produced by Fire Department.

For Incident shapefile, please go to another post titled “Santa Anita SMD Fire GIS Data.”