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LAR-IAC3 is Coming! Get Your Roof Ready!

LAR-IAC3 is coming soon; that’s the County’s project to update aerial imagery (Los Angeles Region Imagery Acquisition Consortium). Since planes will be in the air from late December through April 2011, now’s your chance to put a message on your building’s roof! You can tell your organization, your friends or neighbors.

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High Resolution Flood Modelling based upon LAR-IAC data

A couple of years ago, Brett Sanders from UC Irvine partnered with LA County’s Department of Public Works to investigate the value of using high resolution LIDAR (evelation) data to model flooding. They modelled the 1963 Baldwin Hills Dam Break, which caused extensive damage in Los Angeles.

Video showing the model of the […]

Pictometry 2.7 Configuration Package and Instructions

Hi there,

A recent post contained the installation package for Pictometry 2.7. A couple of users have had some problems because they already had EFS installed.

If you already have Pictometry installed on your machine, you only need to download this package: Pictometry EFS 2.7 Configuration files and Instruction (zip)

Countywide Pictometry EFS 2.7 installation package

See below for a link to download a password-protected zip file containing the most recent countywide access to Pictometry oblique imagery software – EFS (Electronic Field Study). It utilizes all resources from the countywide repository, so it should get you up and running right away. It contains enhanced:

Address and Parcel Searches 2008 oblique imagery […]

Building Outlines

Just wanted to let folks know that a set of building outlines provided by Pasadena and Palmdale have been deployed into the Central Repository under the LACOUNTY.GIS.BUILDINGS feature dataset.

As the LAR-IAC 2 building outline project moves forward, we will eventually have building outlines for all buildings greater than 400 square feet across the County. […]

LAR-IAC2 Meetings (Thursday 9/25/2008)

We are having the next LAR-IAC2 Briefing Meeting (#4) and LAR-IAC User Group Meeting (Q3) on the same day. Save the date.

Date: Thursday, September 25, 2008

Location: Department of Regional Planning, Headquarters

Hearing Room 150

320 West Temple Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Schedule: 10:30am – Noon […]

Import LAR-IAC2 Aerial Imagery SDE Export Files

As a follow-up to the earler post about loading LAR-IAC (from first project) aerial imagery, I wanted to follow up with information about how we expect to deploy LAR-IAC data for LAR-IAC2.


Loading LAR-IAC 1 Aerial Imagery Tiles to SDE

LAR-IAC data can a beast! Countywide, the imagery is around 1.5 Tb, split into over 13,000 tiles. This can be a major distribution headache. As we move forward to LAR-IAC 2, we plan on providing data in more easily consumable formats.


LAR-IAC User Group Meeting


Just a reminder, we will be holding the Fourth LAR-IAC User Group Meeting this Thursday, 3/27/08. Below are the details; the agenda has been attached. You can find the same information on the LAR-IAC project website.