March 2017
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What is Open Street Map?

About a decade ago, a group of cyclists in the U.K. were frustrated with the lack of freely available street map data. Cyclists need to know how to get from here to there without freeways. This is what led to the founding of OpenStreetMap, or OSM, one of the […]

LA County Open Data Portal goes live

This morning LA County launched its Open Data Portal at Beyond GIS data, the data portal expands the scope of our open data efforts to non-GIS data, including budget and finance information.

Developer tools and Open APIs enable developers to leverage the data as a service, and to build applications against […]

Nice Graphic from the LA Times: How Litter Drains to the Ocean

This is a nice graphic from the LA Times that tells the story of how litter reaches the ocean through the County’s vast storm drain network. Kudos to LA County Public Works for getting that project completed a couple of years ago and for providing to folks.

Here’s a link to the […]

Business locations, map errors, address errors – interesting article

I ran across this blog post – for those of you who deal with addresses and maps the deep dive into various address issues is interesting …


Census Bureau releases new 5-year American Community Survey Data

The ACS dataset for the past 5 years has been released by the Census Bureary. See the press release

As well, there are a number of mapping applications that use this data. Take a look!

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LA County GIS Viewer- Elevation Profile tool now available

An elevation profile shows the change in elevation over distance, and can be a powerful way to learn about how steep a hillside is, how difficult a terrain is to traverse, show expected water run-off, and helps visualize elevation information for many business needs.


In partnership with Latitude Geographics, LA County is […]

LA County GIS Viewer adds 2014 LARIAC Imagery

Starting January 2014, the Los Angeles Regional Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LARIAC) – click here for more details – funded the acquisition of updated 4-inch resolution orthogonal imagery. A preliminary dataset has been delivered to the County, and it is now available in the LA County GIS Viewer.

Note – 2014 was […]

Training materials for QGIS and LA County Data

As part of GIS Day 2014 (see, John Hickock from our Public Works Department developed a brief training for our 2014 GIS Day event, which will give you an introduction to QGIS and some data resources to get started.

He has made the links and resources available, so we are publishing that […]

SpaceBook – A 3D Map of World Satellites

How many of us, while explaining GIS to non-GIS users, find ourselves explaining that GIS IS NOT GPS? Well, here is a great online app that will let you demonstrate both of them at once!

Introduced by AGI, SpaceBook was created by the […]

URISA Recommends the addition of Address data as a national Framework Theme

URISA, a national organization, recently recommended that the Federal Government add an eighth framework data theme to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). This would, if adopted, cause a federal agency to take responsibility for doing this nationally (like the USGS does for Elevation data).

It’s a great idea.

Click here to […]