April 2020
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Newly released maps show how Housing Discrimination Happened

This was certainly interesting to read about in the National Geographic – about redlining and the historical impact on minority communities. Â I checked and you can download these as georeferenced images.

Link to article

Link to site


Download the georeferenced images for LA:

Image 1 Image 2

OSGeo Kids’ Map Gallery

Even as FOSS4G 2016 was ending in Bonn barely two weeks ago, organizers are busily preparing for FOSS4G 2017 in Boston next summer. Among many other things, a Kid’s Map Gallery is being planned, with prizes to be awarded at the closing session. Since many children will not be able to attend […]

LA County buildings being loaded into OpenStreetMap (in 3D!)

Since we made our Building Outlines public a few years ago, I have received requests here and there for that information in order to load that information into Open StreetMap (OSM).  The scope of the project is huge (over 3,o00,000 buildings) and OSM doesn’t allow, as far as I know, the ability to […]

Every Single Trail in California on One Map

Thanks for a couple of folks passing this along. Â Pretty amazing work by one person – although it would be hard to take this one with you 🙂



See every day of World War 2 in one Timelaps

Thanks to Thierno Diallo for passing this along – pretty interesting – especially if you are a WWII historian.

The Whole World






What happened to Google Maps

Thanks to Mike Carson and SoCalGIS.org for passing this along – one of the better cartography notes that I have seen about balancing features vs. labels. I highly recommend reading this if you make maps, or even if you use Google Maps!


LA County Park Needs Assessment Published

On Tuesday, May 3rd,  the Board of Supervisors received and filed the Park Needs Assessment Executive Summary and discussed the draft language for a proposed park funding measure.  This was a very GIS-intensive process, resulting in a large series of maps that profiled park needs across the County.  Each Study Area […]

10 tips for cartography

Hello everyone,

I was pointed to a nice blog post about some tips for making beautiful maps, and wanted to share the link with everyone. Â I like how it brings the design aspect of cartography and graphics into the picture. Â Especially with our map gallery at ESRI coming up, I thought this […]

US Supreme Court was required to settle GIS boundaries

I recently became aware of a valuable data resource (the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management GIS data download page) – and in poking around one of the more valuable layers for the County  (the 3 Mile boundary which is actually the County Boundary) I found out about a […]

States that fit into LA County by Population

This was sent to me recently – shows you how big LA actually is!