April 2020
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CAMS – Address Management

The Los Angeles County Countywide Address Management System (CAMS) is a system intended to support the County’s role in maintaining accurate, authoritative, geospatially referenced, situs (physical) address information for the entire County of Los Angeles including all incorporated Cities within.

CAMS is currently undergoing an Re-envisioning/Modernization effort. Redefining CAMS is an enormous task; incorporating the latest technologies, the current standards of practice, the recent guidelines for next generation 9-1-1, and the various workflows and implementations of the 88 cities within Los Angeles County, the 38 County Departments and all other interested parties. Education materials, meetings and working group information will be posted once available. The eGIS team encourages you to reach out to the CAMS Coordinator and participate!

CAMS includes three component parts (as seen in the image above) CAMS Data, CAMS Applications, and CAMS Locators. CAMS components are currently embedded in at least 40 of LA County’s Enterprise systems, including EPIC-LA (the County of Los Angeles Electronic Permitting and Inspections systems used by DPW, DRP, DPR, and Fire), DPSS Services Locator and the Office of the Assessor’s Property Assessment Portal just to name a few.

When used in tandem with other essential County data systems, CAMS helps to support the protection of health, safety and welfare of those who live and work in the County of Los Angeles.

Essential CAMS Links

NG911 Coordination with CAMS

Please reference link above for more information. For assistance, please contact the CAMS Coordinator and/or the eGIS Team.