April 2020
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GIS Classifications

gis_class_specification_listHere is information regarding the GIS positions/classifications update in Los Angeles County.

For current positions, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on DHR’s site (updated link):  https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/lacounty/classspecs?keywords=geographic
  2. In the “Search Job Title” box type “Geographic” and you will see the GIS classifications listed.

August 2014:

The GIS Technician 1 and 2 positions were updated to include new minimum requirements that would enable existing County staff doing this work, but who did not have an Associates Degree, to qualify.

April 2014:

Los Angeles County completes its GIS Reclasfication of 140 positions: click here for the post

August 2012:

Los Angeles County Releases GIS Classifications and Specifications – click here for the post.

May 2012: 

LA County Board of Supervisors approves new GIS Classifications – click here for the post.

From 2010:

The County of Los Angeles does not currently have a specific job classification for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysts, specialists or managers. It is important to the departments that use GIS to have a series of classifications for specific GIS postions from which to draw from.

It has been determined through discussions of the eGIS Steering Committee that this is a very important initiative that needs to be moved forward.Here is a summary of a few important items from a previous meeting:

  1. There is definite desire to move forward, and it is feasible to do so.
  2. We would like to create countywide GIS items to enhance recruitment and retention
  3. There are two different competencies: Analyst/Technician and Programmer
  4. We need to have a series starting at GIS Clerk (Technician) and moving to GIS Manager (GIO).