April 2017
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San Diego International Airport Interactive Map

San Diego International Airport developed an interactive map (mobile Geocortex viewer) to show locations for dining, shopping, relaxing, etc. with photos and information. I think it’s worth checking out!



Los Angeles Geospatial Summit on Feb 24th

The Seventh Annual Los Angeles Geospatial Summit is an annual one-day professional development and networking event presented by the USC Spatial Sciences Institute. It will be on Friday, February 24, 2017 .

Topics include:

  • Learn about Google Geo and the power of location-based services and analysis in all parts of the business enterprise in the opening keynote address.
  • Get the industry lowdown on the potential and opportunities from drones with GIS.
  • Hear how the City of Los Angeles GeoHub and the impact of open data on government.
  • Find out new “tips and tricks” for GPS data collection.
  • Get mentorship advice.
  • Network with industry professionals throughout the day.
  • Gain experience in presenting and listening to “lightning talks” and poster presentation.
  • Talk with company and organization representatives at the lunchtime Knowledge Network tables:
    • BAE Systems
    • California Geographic Information Association
    • California Surveying and Drafting Supply, Inc.
    • County of Los Angeles
    • Esri
    • SoCal URISA

Registration Fee (includes continental breakfast, beverage breaks, and lunch)

Students: $40
CGIA and SoCal URISA Members and USC alumni: $60
Professionals: $70

Qualifies for GISP credit

Intro to GIS Course and Online GIS Certificate at UCLA Extension

UCLA Extension is offering an online Introduction to GIS course starting on January 16, 2017.  Enrollment is open to the public and will continue until January 23, 2017.

This course is the first course in UCLA Extension’s online certificate program in geographic information systems (GIS) and technology.  This fully-online, one-year certificate program provides a comprehensive introduction to state-of-the-art methods and techniques within the field of geographic information systems (GIS) and geospatial technology. All courses are designed to accommodate the schedules of working professionals, and no prior GIS experience is required or assumed. Participants who complete the program can expect to be sufficiently prepared for an entry-level job in GIS and/or related geospatial industries.

Registration and more information can be found at: https://www.uclaextension.edu/LandingPages/Engineering/gis.html

Intro to GIS Course at Santa Monica College

Santa Monica College is offering an Introduction to GIS starting on February 16, 2017.

GIS 20, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, 3 units

Transfer: UC, CSU   •   Prerequisite: None.

GIS are computer-based systems used to collect, store and analyze geographic information. This course will present the concepts of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) science and its applications to spatial data management. Topics include: Identification and acquisition of GIS data; Assessment of vector and raster systems, scale, resolution, map projection, coordinate systems, georeferencing and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Spatial analysis and modeling with GIS will also be presented.

GIS 20 is the same course as Geography 20. Students may receive credit for one, but not both.

4212   6:45p-9:50p Th   BUS 250   Liu J

Here is a link to the college home page so that you can register:

Rio Hondo College GIS Courses

Rio Hondo College GIS courses start the week of January 30th.

Apply for admission and register for classes entirely online. Available courses include two Introduction to GIS (GIS 120) courses including one located off site at the LA County Department of Public Works (900 S Fremont Ave, Alhambra), also offered is Cartography (GIS 221), Crime Mapping (GIS 281) and Intermediate GIS (GIS 281).

To register for classes, you must first apply for admission (entirely free online). Directions for applying for admission and registering for the classes can be found at https://www.riohondo.edu/admissions/apply-for-admission/.

For additional information, contact Prof. Warren Roberts wroberts@riohondo.edu  (P.S. Did you know select Rio Hondo GIS courses are transferable courses to CSU and other universities?)

2017 GISP Map Contest

The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) is proud to announce its 2017 Map Contest.

This year’s challenge is to show us how GIS can be, or has been, used in either disaster preparation, response, or recovery. Scenarios can be real or imagined. More information is available, including eligibility and prizes, on GISCI Announcements.

The GISCI Outreach Committee extends its heartfelt apologies for not having 2016’s winning entries displayed at last year’s Esri User Conference Map Gallery, due to GISP Exam scheduling logistics. All efforts will be made to not repeat those mistakes this year.

The GISCI does have high hopes for a high number of contestants in 2017. After all, when it comes to disaster planning, are not GIS professionals considered heroes-in-waiting?

Open Data Discovery

Open Data Discovery is an interesting project that tracks and displays 306 open data portals around the globe.

“These data portals are established by nations, provinces, cities, and institutes worldwide, which are main force of the global activity of data opening. With the effort of constantly observing these portals, we hope to provide an overview of how data is opened worldwide from more perspectives and more dimensions.”

Try zooming to your city, and see who has your data.

URISA Leadership Academy

I’m passing this along from URISA. While our love of geospatial technology drives us in our professions to do many wonders for society, the URISA Leadership Academy offers a great opportunity to help us overcome that gap many of us might have in our education. Every organization needs that rare individual with the genuine talent to ‘make the trains run on time’ and spread GIS technology.

Unlike traditional technology management training programs, this one week event was created by GIS Professionals who know our industry and the issues we face. Due to an increased demand, URISA is offering two academies in 2017, including one in San Diego, California.

Words to the wise: Don’t wait. These events fill quickly!


Since uploading this post, I was inundated with quite a few emails, so let me try to answer some questions.

Some of us feel the best candidates for this event are people currently staffed in GIS management positions or qualified de facto managers of small, one-person GIS shops. Remember that your office training budget is a major factor.

Remember that your best resource for needed self improvement skills will likely be your own supervisor or college instructors. If you are a Los Angeles County employee, our Human Resources Department offers some excellent training sessions on supervision, providing your boss wishes to send you.

While this one week seminar offers valuable information that can benefit your organization, please remember it should not be viewed as a substitute for your local university Business or Public Administration program.

World’S Biggest Supercomputer?

Those who follow Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) might enjoy this article, How Blockchain Can Create the World’s Biggest Supercomputer, posted on TechCrunch. I’d like to thank Claudia Paskauskas, PMP, GIS, for forwarding this article.

GIS Specialist position as West Basin Water District

Click this link for the full posting: geographic-information-system-specialist_exam-57

SALARY:                  $64,522 – $80,652 Annually

West Basin is seeking an experienced Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialist who, under general supervision, will manage, operate, and maintain West Basin’s GIS program, consisting of ESRI database, asset management, and other web-based third-party application software.  In addition, this position will oversee the West Basin’s record drawing management, and will provide support to West Basin staff to develop maps for various reports and presentations.


Key responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the maintenance and administration of the West Basin’s GIS database and GIS software.  This includes data design, organization, conversion, metadata preparation, and maintenance activities.
  • Programs applications, tools, and user interfaces for the management of geographic information, data analysis, map production, and enhancements to existing applications.
  • Gathers, verifies, enters, edits, maintains, and updates collected field and office generated attributes and spatial data; edits and performs quality assurance on data entities and attributes.
  • Consults with District departments regarding GIS needs and requirements; including identifying and developing GIS applications for specific departments.
  • Creates high quality maps and/or other means of graphical representation of West Basin pipelines or facilities.
  • Collect data from distribution system to update GIS database, including the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ESRI based products, GIS/CAD conversion tools and functionalities.
  • Ability to read and interpret civil engineering plans and specifications in order to maintain a database according to West Basin’s GIS conversion standards for the collection of recycled water infrastructure.
  • Gather, verify, edit, input, maintain, and update collected field attributes, tabular, and spatial data; maintain integrity of data, and incorporate redline revisions to as-built designs.
  • Maintain and update distribution plans. Maintain and update database of geo coded distribution system assets and related information.
  • Manages utility requests of distribution system.