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URISA Leadership Academy

I’m passing this along from URISA. While our love of geospatial technology drives us in our professions to do many wonders for society, the URISA Leadership Academy offers a great opportunity to help us overcome that gap many of us might have in our education. Every organization needs that rare individual with the genuine talent to ‘make the trains run on time’ and spread GIS technology.

Unlike traditional technology management training programs, this one week event was created by GIS Professionals who know our industry and the issues we face. Due to an increased demand, URISA is offering two academies in 2017, including one in San Diego, California.

Words to the wise: Don’t wait. These events fill quickly!


Since uploading this post, I was inundated with quite a few emails, so let me try to answer some questions.

Some of us feel the best candidates for this event are people currently staffed in GIS management positions or qualified de facto managers of small, one-person GIS shops. Remember that your office training budget is a major factor.

Remember that your best resource for needed self improvement skills will likely be your own supervisor or college instructors. If you are a Los Angeles County employee, our Human Resources Department offers some excellent training sessions on supervision, providing your boss wishes to send you.

While this one week seminar offers valuable information that can benefit your organization, please remember it should not be viewed as a substitute for your local university Business or Public Administration program.

World’S Biggest Supercomputer?

Those who follow Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) might enjoy this article, How Blockchain Can Create the World’s Biggest Supercomputer, posted on TechCrunch. I’d like to thank Claudia Paskauskas, PMP, GIS, for forwarding this article.

GIS Specialist position as West Basin Water District

Click this link for the full posting: geographic-information-system-specialist_exam-57

SALARY:                  $64,522 – $80,652 Annually

West Basin is seeking an experienced Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialist who, under general supervision, will manage, operate, and maintain West Basin’s GIS program, consisting of ESRI database, asset management, and other web-based third-party application software.  In addition, this position will oversee the West Basin’s record drawing management, and will provide support to West Basin staff to develop maps for various reports and presentations.


Key responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the maintenance and administration of the West Basin’s GIS database and GIS software.  This includes data design, organization, conversion, metadata preparation, and maintenance activities.
  • Programs applications, tools, and user interfaces for the management of geographic information, data analysis, map production, and enhancements to existing applications.
  • Gathers, verifies, enters, edits, maintains, and updates collected field and office generated attributes and spatial data; edits and performs quality assurance on data entities and attributes.
  • Consults with District departments regarding GIS needs and requirements; including identifying and developing GIS applications for specific departments.
  • Creates high quality maps and/or other means of graphical representation of West Basin pipelines or facilities.
  • Collect data from distribution system to update GIS database, including the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ESRI based products, GIS/CAD conversion tools and functionalities.
  • Ability to read and interpret civil engineering plans and specifications in order to maintain a database according to West Basin’s GIS conversion standards for the collection of recycled water infrastructure.
  • Gather, verify, edit, input, maintain, and update collected field attributes, tabular, and spatial data; maintain integrity of data, and incorporate redline revisions to as-built designs.
  • Maintain and update distribution plans. Maintain and update database of geo coded distribution system assets and related information.
  • Manages utility requests of distribution system.

Where does Graffiti happen in North Long Beach?

Reported 9th District Graffiti Incidents, 2011-2016.

Reported 9th District Graffiti Incidents, 2011-2016.

Passing this nice article around about work at a local level:


GIS Day Story Map

With GIS Day just around the corner on November 16, we are issuing an open invitation to any and all to join in the fun at our free event. We’ll be in downtown LA’s Grand Park from 9 AM to 3 PM. The park’s address is 200 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012 and the event will be held across the street from the Civic Center Metro station.

Please see the story map at for more information.

Click to view and download the 2016 LA County GIS Day Flyer

You can get to the park by either the Red or Purple Line. The area is well-served by buses as well; please visit and let the Metro Trip Planner figure out your transit options. We hope to see you there!

Newly released maps show how Housing Discrimination Happened

This was certainly interesting to read about in the National Geographic – about redlining and the historical impact on minority communities.  I checked and you can download these as georeferenced images.

Link to article

Link to site


Download the georeferenced images for LA:











LA County Enterprise GIS (eGIS) is now on Twitter

Wtwitter_imagee made it to the Twittersphere to help spread the news about GIS in Los Angeles County (and the world for that matter).

Find us at    (#LACountyeGIS)


OSGeo Kids’ Map Gallery

Even as FOSS4G 2016 was ending in Bonn barely two weeks ago, organizers are busily preparing for FOSS4G 2017 in Boston next summer. Among many other things, a Kid’s Map Gallery is being planned, with prizes to be awarded at the closing session. Since many children will not be able to attend the conference, the awards ceremony will be on video.

“…End result? They find maps unbelievably amazing, do all their homework, go to bed on time and grow up to be brilliant open source geographers, and yes, they save the world. That is the plan…”

It was hard not to pass this along.

MaptimeLA Headed to Catalina Island – Should be fun!

maptime_la_catalina_islandI’m passing this along…

Our friends at MaptimeLA are looking for folks interested in heading to Catalina (9/30/16 to 10/2/16). From their invite:

Join us for a weekend of camping, mapping and collecting 360 photos on Santa Catalina Island. We want to improve the data on the island and give them “street view” via Mapillary. Never walked around and added points to OpenStreetMap before, but always wanted to? This is just for you.

More information can be found on their site:

Link to the Catalina Island Conservancy (related site – not necessarily affiliated with this event):

LA County GIS Day 2016 Announcement

You are invited to join us for Los Angeles County’s 9th annual GIS Day!GISDay2016

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016
9:00am to 3:00pm
Los Angeles County Grand Park, Olive Court
200 N. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

This year’s event is titled Mapping LA County.  The event is designed for County residents, students, and other members of the public to:

*   Show how county and city governments use GIS to make better decisions;
*   Learn about opportunities for studying GIS at local universities and colleges; and
*   Discover how GIS technology is improving our daily lives.

LA County GIS Day will showcase more than 50 agencies and include speakers, demonstrations, GIS-equipped emergency response vehicles, map gallery, GIS games with prizes, and a GIS Day cake.

There are two ways to join in the fun – as an Attendee or Participant.


You do not need to register to attend this event; you may simply come and enjoy.


Register to reserve a booth for your organization, make a presentation, or post maps in the gallery.

We are actively soliciting your abstracts for presentations and maps for the map gallery.

Booth and map gallery registration:
Speaker registration:

More information about the event is posted online:

*   For general information:
*   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
*   Photos from past years event:

For questions about the day, don’t hesitate to contact Martha Selig at

Click here to view or download the LA County GIS Day 2016 flyer