January 2020
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Map of Employment in America, 2010

Thanks to Mike Henderson of LAFCO for passing this interesting map around.

It took a few days before I could actually move over to LA County:



2010 Census Tract Change – Tract 1370.00 reinstated

I wanted to pass along to folks that the Census Bureau has agreed to fix at least one error that we have identified in the 2010 Census Tract Boundary file – specifically the accidental merging of 2 tract from the 2000 TIGER file (tracts 1370.00 & 8002.01) into a single tract (8002.04) in 2010. This […]

Public Technology Institute (PTI) GIS Award Winners

PTI is a wonderful organization that provides access to “best practices” for technology and GIS. This is well highlighted by their GIS solutions award winners. Most of these applications solve needs in any other jurisdiction out there. One of the key drivers of collaboration within GIS is that most counties and cities use GIS for […]

LA County’s Population is 9,818,605

So – the number is in, and the questions (I’m sure) are on their way. The Census released population figures from the 2010 Census yesterday as part of the redistricting process yesterday!

LA County’s population increased by only 299,267 people between 2000 and 2010, from 9,519,338 to 9,818,605. Still a lot of people!

Here are […]

Release of 2010 Census TIGER/Line Shapefiles for California

2010 Census TIGER/LineĀ® Shapefiles

The 2010 Census TIGER/Line Shapefiles for California are available for downloading on the Census Bureau homepage. These are the Redistricting (P.L. 94-171) TIGER/Line Shapefiles. These files include the first release of the 2010 Tabulation Geography which includes the new tabulation blocks and any changes to Block Group, Census Tracts, […]