October 2019
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Blank areas in caches – how to avoid 404 areas

This was passed along to me by Yoko Myers, one of our crack analysts. As we developed our map caches, we did not want to spend time caching the entire area of the map service (for example the water areas between the mainland and Catalina Island) so we generally use the actual county […]

eGIS Committee Meeting Documents

Here are the documents from the meeting, including the eGIS Repository data list that I passed out (and was super small to read).

LA County GIS Data Portal Data List (Excel File) Los Angeles County Enterprise GIS Repository Data Layers (Excel File) – this is the longer list of datasets […]

Cache validation and grid tools

grid levels 0-19

I got an email with a link to some cache validation tools, which was really nice. The original link about previewing caches, wasn’t that useful, but the additional resources for cache validation tools (click this link to go there) contained some very useful tools.

If you […]

ESRI Capacity Planning and Benchmark Reference Guide for ArcGIS Server

For anyone looking at installing ArcGIS Server and looking for a capacity planning guide, the attached documents are very good references. I still have a number of question (like how the benchmark map service draws maps in .46 seconds when at the end it seems to show more like one second, but these are questions […]

ESRI moving to the cloud/ArcGIS 10.0


I was on the closing panel at the end of the recent ESRI Regional User Group in Redlands, and had a chance afterward to meet with Jack Dangermond and some of the product managers about the next releases of their client and server software. It was an extremely informative discussion, and I came away […]