January 2020
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LA County buildings being loaded into OpenStreetMap (in 3D!)

Since we made our Building Outlines public a few years ago, I have received requests here and there for that information in order to load that information into Open StreetMap (OSM). The scope of the project is huge (over 3,o00,000 buildings) and OSM doesn’t allow, as far as I know, the ability to just […]

Buildings built each year in LA County

Did you know that after World War Two, close to 100,00 buildings were being built per year? Makes our recent “real estate boom” a bit smaller (although most of the recent building didn’t happen in LA County).

Take a look at the two graphs.

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3D Mapping article and video

Excerpted from an e-mail post:

3D mapping is fast gaining traction and I see it as being the norm within ten to fifteen years at the latest, when it is quite possible that digital maps as we know them will go the way of the Dodo Bird. The possibilities for crime analysis are many. For […]

Google Maps 5.0 for Android – 3D included!

Compass MOde

Amazing what Google is doing with mobile. Glad I have an Android phone!

Looks like they’ve added 3D, and offline re-routing for your driving directions (so even if you are disconnected you can get re-routed.

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Fairfax County Virginia in 3D

GIS is moving steadily into the 3D realm – in my opinion it is the next frontier for GIS.

Nick Franchino from Regional Planning is the County’s first mover – he is working on 3D models of Marina del Rey. I thought I would share a link that he sent me to Fairfax County, Virginia’s […]