February 2020
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Every Single Trail in California on One Map

Thanks for a couple of folks passing this along. Pretty amazing work by one person – although it would be hard to take this one with you 🙂



Federal GIS Jobs in California – February 2015

Cartographic Aid/Technician

…digitize line and point data and generate geographic information system ( GIS) maps. Develops new transportation maps from ortho photos and notes; works from rough drawings, sketches, GIS data files and verbal instructions; and prepares intricate, detailed…

Salary: $12.19 – $25.98 / Per Hour Series & Grade: GS-1371-03/07 Location(s): Multiple Locations […]

Slides from the State GIO Visit

Wanted to pass along the slides from Scott Gregory’s presentation – thanks again to him for coming down, and the great presentation!

CA State GIO – Update April 2014 (pdf file)

Feedback requested from State GIO on UAV laws

Passing this along:

From Scott Gregory, California State GIO:

As you may or may not know, AB1327 is a bill that could potentially impact the work that we do in regards to remote sensing and aerial imagery collection, etc… in the near future. See the link below for more detail. My office is in the […]

Jefferson State: A second county in rural Northern California votes to secede

A second county in Northern California has voted to secede from the Golden State, as part of a growing effort to create a 51st state.

In a 4-0 vote, Modoc County leaders voted for secession just weeks after neighboring Siskiyou County did the same, Fox News reports. The county, […]

California Launches GeoPortal

California has launched its GeoPortal: http://portal.gis.ca.gov

Read the press release Here’s another press item

Congratulations to Scott Gregory (GIO of California) and his team – it’s a great start!


My quick take:

The sound clips talk a lot about mobile apps – looking forward to what that […]

California’s Lone Gray Wolf moves around a lot!

Heard this on the radio this morning, and since it mentioned a map I had to follow up. About a year ago a gray wolf entered California from Oregon, and since then has been travelling hundreds of miles by itself. This is the first gray wolf in California in 90 years, so […]

California CIO Issues Policy to Boost Geographic Mapping Resources for California Government

State Technology Update – December 15, 2010

OCIO Issues Policy to Boost Geographic Mapping Resources for California Government

The Office of the State Chief Information Officer (OCIO) today issued a policy requiring all executive branch agencies to geocode databases or applications related to providing social services, law enforcement, economic development, tax collection and emergency response. […]