April 2020
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What: The U.S. Census Bureau will conduct a series of free data access webinars to all interested data users. Attendees will learn how to access demographic, socioeconomic, housing and business data from the decennial census, American Community Survey, Local Employment Dynamics, economic programs and more.


When: June 1 – […]

Block Boundary Suggestion Project – Meeting February 18

Hello everyone – Census 2020 geographic activities are starting – the meeting below is the first of these, and will focus on creating/updating Census Blocks, which is the smallest geographic unit of the Census. Â There are 8 meetings across the state, but the meeting in LA County will be on Febuary 18th.

Thursday, February […]

Census Bureau releases new 5-year American Community Survey Data

The ACS dataset for the past 5 years has been released by the Census Bureary. Â See the press release

As well, there are a number of mapping applications that use this data. Â Take a look!

Census Explorer: Young Adults: Then and Now Edition

Do more young adults […]

341 million dots on a map

Pretty cool – a dot for every person in the last united states and Canadian Census.

Check it out

Census Data Workshops at LA County DPW HQ

Passing this along to folks who might be interested in learning more about Census data. Â Click here to download the flyer:Â LA County Flyer Census (word file)

The Census data workshop will provide hands-on training to access the most up-to-date data for incorporated and unincorporated areas within Los Angeles County. Participants […]

Census to Launch API for Demographic Data

This link was sent to me by Joel Myhre (thanks)!

I think this is indicative of where we are going as data providers – not just providing downloads (like our GIS Data Portal) but providing data as a service so developers don’t need to build the platforms to access the data in applications. […]

New York Times Census Map

Thanks Junior for passing along – I think you’ll find it interesting.

Remember about a year ago you filled out a census form? Well, here are the result of this process. What you will see is a Map of the US – not just the 48 states but all of the 50 states. Territories are […]

2010 Census Tract Change – Tract 1370.00 reinstated

I wanted to pass along to folks that the Census Bureau has agreed to fix at least one error that we have identified in the 2010 Census Tract Boundary file – specifically the accidental  merging of 2 tract from the 2000 TIGER file (tracts 1370.00 & 8002.01) into a single tract (8002.04) in 2010. […]

LA County releases online redistricting tools

LA County releases online redistricting tools for public involvement in the redistricting process.

If you would like to try your hand at drawing the County’s supervisorial districts, try the County’s online redistricting tools:Â http://redistricting.lacounty.gov/index.php/create-plan-using-county-software/

You’ll need to register before you can begin updating the districts.  I would definitely  recommend taking a look […]

LA County’s Population is 9,818,605

So – the number is in, and the questions (I’m sure) are on their way. Â The Census released population figures from the 2010 Census yesterday as part of the redistricting process yesterday!

LA County’s population increased by only 299,267 people between 2000 and 2010, from 9,519,338 to 9,818,605. Â Still a lot of people!