January 2020
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The story of ETAK’s amazing car navigation system from 1984

William Montgomery passed this article along – when I started in the County, we had just licensed the Thomas Brothers dataset, but ETAK was another dataset that was commonly used in a number of departments (now we are all using Open Source data).

But the reason behind the creation of the data is an amazing […]

Best Visuals of 2014 from Huffington Post

Wanted to pass this along – while we all love maps, GIS and its toolkit are just one way of visualizing data – I like how the Huffington Post organizes its data visualizations by theme. Some interesting topics covered too.

Click here to see the article.


LA County GIS Data Portal adds instructional videos

We have a pair of instructional videos for the LA County GIS Data Portal that will help you make better use of the data. The first video shows you how to find and download GIS data from our site, while the second shows you how to use free software to begin making […]

Washington slide shows the value of quality mapping

Checking out this link passed along by SoCalGIS: http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2023215066_mudslidemondayxml.html, and the maps in the article, highlighted, for me, the value of good GIS data.

Having a “before” picture provided by GIS, along with streets, parcels, building outlines, and other critical information, along with LIDAR data, makes the maps show the massive […]

Parsing strings in Arcmap

Thanks to Mike for posting about this – I need to do this a lot during processing, and this is really helpful – I sometimes go back to ArcView 3 in order to use my favorite function: the .AsTokens() function.

Here’s how to do this in the real world?




211 LA Announces Research Partnership with UCLA Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Equity

211 is both a phone number and a GIS dataset. In LA County, you can dial 2-1-1 to get information about non-emergency services. These services are stored in a database which is therefore a valuable research tool.

This link between 211 and UCLA is a good one – it will be interesting to see […]

California Launches GeoPortal

California has launched its GeoPortal: http://portal.gis.ca.gov

Read the press release Here’s another press item

Congratulations to Scott Gregory (GIO of California) and his team – it’s a great start!


My quick take:

The sound clips talk a lot about mobile apps – looking forward to what that […]

A discussion about parcel accuracy

Not perfect …

Occasionally questions about the spatial accuracy of parcel information come up. In general, it is important to note that the parcels are for tax assessment purposes only, come from many sources, some historical, and are not necessarily survey grade. That said, they are in general extremely reliable. So […]

Census to Launch API for Demographic Data

This link was sent to me by Joel Myhre (thanks)!

I think this is indicative of where we are going as data providers – not just providing downloads (like our GIS Data Portal) but providing data as a service so developers don’t need to build the platforms to access the data in applications. […]

Free Webinar – LA County’s Location Management System (LMS)

Hi everyone,

I’ll be doing a webinar next week in conjunction with the Public Technology Institute (PTI) about our Location Management System (http://gis.lacounty.gov/lms) . Thought I would pass it along.

Thursday, January 12, 2012, 2:00–3:00 pm Eastern Time (note this is 11 AM Pacific Time).

The County of Los Angeles Geographic Information Systems […]