January 2020
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Improving ArcGIS Performance with PerfQAnalyzer

Passing the information about this valuable tool along – it appears to have a number of enhancements.

In the Spring of 2012 [Esri] released the PerfQAnalyzer tool, which assists users in capturing render and edit times within ArcGIS for Desktop. This tool is a free, unsupported, downloadable tool offered to the Esri user community which […]

Geospatial LA (October 17th) – Developer focused

Passing this along:


This month we’re joining forces with ESRI who has graciously offered to show us their new offices in Santa Monica for a Dev-GIS focused evening. ESRI is making it especially fun by providing food & drinks, and a raffle for a 12-month EDN subscription or registration to the […]

PODCAST: “American Futures” and the power of maps (includes interview with J. Dangermond)

This is a 26 minute audio podcast from NPR that features Jack Dangermond of ESRI. Dangermond starts in about 5 1/2 minutes into the podcast.


ESRI 2013 UC pictures from the SoCalGIS meeting

Thanks to Douglas Morales for passing along a number of pictures from the 2013 ESRI User Conference. Pictures came from:

The SoCal GIS open meeting: http://egis3.lacounty.gov/eGIS/2013/07/05/meet-your-socal-gis-colleagues-at-the-esri-conference/ The Latitude Geographics picnic

Click here to see the pictures

Thanks Doug!

LA County’s Recap of the 2013 ESRI Conference

At our recent eGIS Committee, meeting, we discussed what we had learned and been impressed with at the 2013 ESRI Conference, which concluded last week. I have tried to compile the responses that I received into some basic categories, so that you can scroll down and see what you liked.

If you want to add […]

US Wildfires Map

I thought this is a pretty good map of wildfires across the country put together by ESRI.

Link to the map

Link to the description

Here is the description:

The Esri Public Information Map shows the real-time effects of extreme weather events and others natural disasters. You can use it to […]

Open Sheriff data goes viral

ESRI has published a how-to guide on building web maps showing Sheriff Crime data with ArcGIS Online: read the post here

The reason this post hit me was not so much for the fact that it uses LA County data, which is great, or the fact that our Sheriff department shares […]

2008 Obama/McCain Vote by Precinct

Election results can be difficult to understand – props to my alma mater Spatial Sciences Institute – for providing a good visualization of the fact that red/blue isn’t the only way to show voting patterns.

Here are the details: https://sites.stanford.edu/sssl/2008-obamamccain-vote-precinct – the map is below.


ArcGIS 10.1 Service Pack 1 available

ESRI has announced the release of ArcGIS 10.1 (Service Pack 1).

Downloads are available here: http://support.esri.com/en/downloads/patches-servicepacks/view/productid/160/metaid/1913

Looks like a lot of work to implement – have fun!

ArcGIS Online Credit Calculator

For folks interested in seeing the potential cost of ArcGIS Online, there is a calculator now available. Thanks to Michael Carson for passing along:


This can certainly help planning.

Right now, the business model for ArcGIS Online falls down (for me) in a number of areas:

Variable pricing: It is very […]