January 2020
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LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade

The eGIS group has upgraded the GIS Viewer and also added a new batch geocoding function!

Here is a sample format of your Excel file to upload to the Batch Geocode function:

Click here to open the GIS Viewer

The following tools come with the new release […]

LA County GIS Viewer upgrade

The eGIS Group has implemented the newest version of the GIS Viewer, which enhances the user experience. These include:

Faster startup times!!! Integration to Pictometry Online (POL) for LAR-IAC partners (requires username and password) Slight update to themes (moving the Planning and Zoning data into its own theme) Click here […]

Neighbors White Pages – get your neighbors phone numbers from a map


Your neighbor's phone numbers

Looks like they’ve geocoded the entire white pages – this could be good in case of emergency, but not great from a privacy perspective (although I’ve seen a lot worse on other site):


Using GIS to improve Addressing

I was the keynote for the 2nd day of the recent 1st International Geocoding Conference which was a great conference hosted by USC and ESRI this week. I thought I would pass along the discussion about our address program as well as a method to find false matches in geocoding:

Using GIS […]

First International Geocoding Conference

I wanted to pass this along – it looks like a very good event, and it is being organized by Dan Goldberg from USC, who is a local geocoding expert.

It’s local here in Redlands, CA and it’s FREE!


The University of Southern California and Esri are collaborating to hold the First International […]

Customizing Locators in ArcGIS 10

The US Locator (all dolled up).

LA County maintains customized geocoding rules (actually the ESRI locator was developed by an LA County contractor many years ago, so our rules fit very well). This has helped up maintain geocoding rates about 99.6% of all addresses.

With ArcGIS 10, ESRI has developed a […]

House Numbering Systems in Los Angeles

I was looking for geocoding in LA County, and came across a paper by Peter Fonda-Bonardi (the County’s acknowledged expert in Addressing). Click here to see the paper

The first paragraph (written in 1994):

The County of Los Angeles (LAC) and its adjacent public agencies use at least sixty (60) different house numbering […]

California CIO Issues Policy to Boost Geographic Mapping Resources for California Government

State Technology Update – December 15, 2010

OCIO Issues Policy to Boost Geographic Mapping Resources for California Government

The Office of the State Chief Information Officer (OCIO) today issued a policy requiring all executive branch agencies to geocode databases or applications related to providing social services, law enforcement, economic development, tax collection and emergency response. […]