April 2020
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GISCI Map Contest 2016

Yesterday, the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) announced their 5th Annual Map Contest for 2016 themed, A Visible Change.

Per the Contest Summary,

“This year’s contest will require an entrant to utilize the National Land Cover Database (NLCD) to tell a story about change.

“Perhaps it will be about habitat loss, or maybe it will […]

SpaceBook – A 3D Map of World Satellites

How many of us, while explaining GIS to non-GIS users, find ourselves explaining that GIS IS NOT GPS? Well, here is a great online app that will let you demonstrate both of them at once!

Introduced by AGI, SpaceBook was created by the Commercial Space Operations Center to improve the quality of […]

URISA Recommends the addition of Address data as a national Framework Theme

URISA, a national organization, recently recommended that the Federal Government add an eighth framework data theme to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI).  This would, if adopted, cause a federal agency to take responsibility for doing this nationally (like the USGS does for Elevation data).

It’s a great idea.

Click here to […]

LA County GIS Data Portal adds instructional videos

We have a pair of instructional videos for the LA County GIS Data Portal that will help you make better use of the data. Â The first video shows you how to find and download GIS data from our site, while the second shows you how to use free software to begin […]

LA County Hall of Administration in 3D

I wanted to share this 3D model that ESRI created based upon as-built drawing submitted by the County. Â Each floor can be turned on and off, with interior walls all there!

I am happy to make the County a guinea pig for the next major change to GIS technologies – moving indoors and into […]

California GIS Data is Open

Right before the ESRI conference last week, the California State Supreme Court ruled in a lawsuit that GIS Data (specifically Parcel boundaries) are part of the Public Record, and should be made available to the public at the cost of duplication.

The County has done this for a while – you can see […]

Data.gov releases new data catalog using CKAN

The US central data portal is now switching over to cKAN, an open source data catalog.

See the release here:Â http://www.data.gov/new-features


Open Sheriff data goes viral

ESRI has published a how-to guide on building web maps showing Sheriff Crime data with ArcGIS Online: read the post here

The reason this post hit me was not so much for the fact that it uses LA County data, which is great, or the fact that our Sheriff department shares […]

How maps were made and updated in the 1940’s.

This video is GREAT! Â New we know how maps were made before computers (amazing isn’t it?)

Thanks Joel for passing along. Â GIS maintenance is not a new thing …

Click here to see the video.

`Thanks to smartphones and GPS, maps are just one more thing we tend to take for […]

LA City Planning releases GIS Data Portal

LA City Planning GIS Data PAge

The City of Los Angeles Planning department has launched a GIS Data Portal for downloading various GIS data files pertaining to City Planning information.

You can access the data by going to http://planning.lacity.org, selecting the Maps and Stats button on the left, […]