January 2020
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Parcel Viewer Superseded by GIS Viewer

County staff and LAR-IAC participants have had access to comprehensive property information through the Parcel Viewer. This is an important message for those staff that use the Parcel Viewer.

Parcel ownership data has been moved from the Parcel Viewer to reside in the GIS Viewer. This eliminates the need to access two separate applications. Once […]

Chrome removes support for Silverlight – LA County GIS Viewers impacted

If you use Chrome to access some of the County’s GIS applications (the GIS Viewer and the Parcel Viewer, for example), and those applications are based on Silverlight, you won’t be able to access them without making a settings change. Note – Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox will work just fine.


LA County GIS Viewer- Elevation Profile tool now available

An elevation profile shows the change in elevation over distance, and can be a powerful way to learn about how steep a hillside is, how difficult a terrain is to traverse, show expected water run-off, and helps visualize elevation information for many business needs.


In partnership with Latitude Geographics, LA County is […]

LA County GIS Viewer adds 2014 LARIAC Imagery

Starting January 2014, the Los Angeles Regional Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LARIAC) – click here for more details – funded the acquisition of updated 4-inch resolution orthogonal imagery. A preliminary dataset has been delivered to the County, and it is now available in the LA County GIS Viewer.

Note – 2014 was […]

SpaceBook – A 3D Map of World Satellites

How many of us, while explaining GIS to non-GIS users, find ourselves explaining that GIS IS NOT GPS? Well, here is a great online app that will let you demonstrate both of them at once!

Introduced by AGI, SpaceBook was created by the Commercial Space Operations Center to improve the quality of […]

LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade #3 – Faster Load

Christine and I realized recently that there was a call during the load of the GIS Viewer (and all Geocortex Viewers) that was dramatically slowing down load time unnecessarily. This call added about 15 seconds to the load time – by directly loading what is needed, the load of the GIS Viewer and all related […]

LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade #2 – Charting!

Adding the Median Income Chart

I posted yesterday about a major speed enhancement just released with the upgrade of Geocortex Essentials that was completed last week – Googly Search.

Here is another big addition that we are leveraging – CHARTS!

A few years ago the ESRI flex viewer had […]

LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade #1 – Googly Search!

Googly Search

Have you ever wanted the searches in our GIS applications to be more “Googly” – where as you type you get suggestions on the rest of the entry? I have dreamt about this. With the recent upgrade of our GIS Viewers to the newest versions of Essentials from Latitude […]

LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade – April 26, 2014

This in an important announcement regarding a number of GIS applications maintained by the County of Los Angeles.

On Saturday, April 26th, 2014, the Enterprise GIS Group will be upgrading all of the Geocortex GIS Viewers to the newest version. Geocortex Essentials 4 is a major new release of this software, and forms the foundation […]

Mobile GIS Viewer Upgrade

The eGIS group has upgraded the LA County Mobile GIS Viewer for HTML5 (demo version) and added new functions! Users are now able to:

Upload a file or photo as an attachment to a feature class View an attachment Download an attachment from a feature class

You can essentially take a photo with your mobile […]