January 2020
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What happened to Google Maps

Thanks to Mike Carson and SoCalGIS.org for passing this along – one of the better cartography notes that I have seen about balancing features vs. labels. I highly recommend reading this if you make maps, or even if you use Google Maps!


Have you seen this ad for a bike with Google Maps?

As opposed to the recently announced death of Google Maps Engine, Google Maps really is humming along …

I’ve seen a couple of ads now for the Pro-Form Tour de France stationary bike – I wondered when something like this would come out where the you don’t need to actually go anywhere in […]

Countywide Services Locator version 3 released

It’s finally here! the Countywide Services Locator now is embeddable.

Here is the home site (updated to Google API version 3): http://maps.lacounty.gov

Here is the embeddable version: http://maps.lacounty.gov/SL_Body.aspx


There are three different parameters that you can pass to either of these two sites.

address_string – this is […]

Road Closure Map by LA Co. Public Works Dept.

A Google Maps mashup shows up to date road closures in LA County. You can also view a list of closures.


Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Label Readability


Nick Franchino, via John Calas, sent me an excellent link!

For you mapmakers out there, the link below is an excellent discussion of how Google is making its maps more readable – it is an excellent set of information!


Google MapMaker

Google will be launching their MapMaker tools in the US pretty soon. Basically crowdsourcing the creation of GIS data. It has interesting implications – should the County use these tools to update its data? The nice part is that Google is allowing the download of the data – allowing it outside the sandbox of their […]

Ooops Google – don’t drive in Pasadena!

Just saw this the other day.

Google has accidentally shifted all buildings in the City of Pasadena to the south by about 350 feet or so.

I wonder what happened? I spoke with Brain Sims at Pasadena (who obviously knows about this) and said that Google hasn’t been very responsive. One reason why you need […]

Google or Bing Maps in ArcMap

Google or Bing Map Popups in ArcMap […]

LADPW Google Maps Applications

Thanks to all who attended the EGIS Committee meeting on Tuesday 09/22/09. Click HERE to view the powerpoint presentation in .pdf format (http://dpwgis.co.la.ca.us/website/egis/ladpwGoogleMapsApps.pdf)! (Road Closures Application)