January 2020
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Google Maps floods coastline of LA County !!!

It was brought to my attention that Google Maps appears to show flooding along the coast of LA. My suspicion is that either someone messed with their data using Google MapMaker, recently re-opened, or perhaps they pulled an older, incorrect data source. I’ve reported it, and they are usually very good about fixing […]

Google discontinues Maps Engine – I guess ESRI’s ArcGIS Online won

Mike Carson over at SoCalGIS passed along this information about Google ending support for Google Maps Engine. This is interesting, since I saw GME as Google’s attempt to compete with ESRI in the WebGIS (as opposed to Web Mapping) space. I had a number of Google representatives sell GME as the way to […]

CalGIS 2014 Recap #1 – Big Data

I got back from the 2014 CalGIS Conference yesterday. For those of you who haven’t been, I highly recommend it – it is a small conference focused on California, and is non-vendor specific.

I’ll be posting some recaps of what I took away from the conference – I got a lot out of […]

Google launches Maps Gallery

Interesting – Google’s answer to ArcGIS Online?


I liked this one of the Santa Monica Mountains NRA

The Googleheim Museum of Art

It’s interesting what people will do with resources at their fingertips:

“Google may have set out to “organize the world’s information,” but thanks to the creativity of a huge variety of artists, designers, hackers and other tinkerers it’s become something else: an art museum hidden within a search engine.

Because a slew […]

New Google Maps and related training

You may know this already, but Google is launching a new Google Maps. They also have online training to get the most out of it. I believe the technology behind the maps is changing – from tiled and cached images of the data, to tiled and cached data itself – this could help […]

Palo Alto Data access via Google Fusion Tables

This was an interesting piece of information passed along to me from Margaret Carlin. The City of Palo Alto is making some of its GIS data available through Google Fusion Tables.

There are a number of different data access methods out there (check out CKAN, Socrata for some other […]

Mapping creates jobs and drives global economic growth

Google has done some analysis on the value of mapping technologies – pretty amazing numbers …

“In summary, the global geo services industry is valued at up to $270 billion per year and pays out $90 billion in wages. In the U.S., it employs more than 500,000 people and is worth $73 billion. […]

Google Maps back on iPhone!

I’ve been holding off upgrading to the newest version of iOS so that I wouldn’t get stuck with the Apple maps. Now I can move forward!



Upgrading from Google Maps API v2 to v3

Google has announced that it is deprecating its version 2 API in the next few months, and recommends upgrading to version 3.

Junior Togelang from ISD passed along a presentation that he found that discusses how to do it – it looks like developers who have built code with version 2 will need […]