February 2020
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Time-lapse videos of changes to Google Maps

Google Maps Videos

I thought this was interesting to view – Google allows the public to make updates to its maps. Especially in countries that weren’t previously mapped in rich detail, watching the map go from nothing to a rich cartographic base is neat to watch.

One of the more interesting […]

Google for Android contains 3D buildings

3D imagery of LA

Looks like Google is doing more with its 3D mapping – probably in anticipation of Apple’s launch of its new mapping. But this is pretty cool, and reminds me of what our vendor, Pictometry, has done for a couple of local cities based upon their oblique imagery (which […]

Google deploying planes over cities for 3D maps

Thanks to Kenneth Bennett for passing this along. Here’s a snippet:

“By the end of the year, Google said it expects to have 3D map coverage for metropolitan areas with a combined population of 300 million people. The first 3D cityscape will be available within weeks.”

Click here to read.

Google Styled Maps – when will ESRI give us that?

Map Style Samples

In looking around regarding Google’s new charging model, I saw documentation about Google’s Styled Maps – where you can customize the look of the Google Maps. This is super cool!

Link to a page showing 8 different samples.

When will ESRI allow us to […]

See what people are editing using Google MapMaker – LIVE!

Live feed of changes

Google just opened up Canada for updating their maps – and along with it they had a link to a map that shows what people are updating right now. It’s pretty darn cool!



Google streetview is out and about

Looks like google is out collecting a new set of street view data. I’ve started polling people to see if and where they see the vehicles. If you see one, let me know. It will be fun to make a map of where they are. Kind of a “where’s Waldo?” 🙂

Convert Google Earth kml to a shapefile

Just something I thought might be useful.

Link to the post: http://free-gis.com/how-to-convert-kml-to-shapefile/17/

Link to the Garmin DNR application page that is mentioned: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/mis/gis/tools/arcview/extensions/DNRGarmin/DNRGarmin.html

Google Map Maker in the USA

Google’s Map Maker is available in the US.

James Fee has a really funny response on his blog – click here to view.

His best quote: “As a GIS Professional , I do have an inherent need to update the location of all coffee shops in my neighborhood, but to think I’d lift a […]

Google Maps 5.0 for Android – 3D included!

Compass MOde

Amazing what Google is doing with mobile. Glad I have an Android phone!

Looks like they’ve added 3D, and offline re-routing for your driving directions (so even if you are disconnected you can get re-routed.

View full article on the Google Blog