May 2020
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SpaceBook – A 3D Map of World Satellites

How many of us, while explaining GIS to non-GIS users, find ourselves explaining that GIS IS NOT GPS? Well, here is a great online app that will let you demonstrate both of them at once!

Introduced by AGI, SpaceBook was created by the Commercial Space Operations Center to improve the quality of […]

California’s Lone Gray Wolf moves around a lot!

Heard this on the radio this morning, and since it mentioned a map I had to follow up. Â About a year ago a gray wolf entered California from Oregon, and since then has been travelling hundreds of miles by itself. Â This is the first gray wolf in California in 90 […]

The GPS: A Fatally Misleading Travel Companion

Moral of this story is do not depend solely on high-tech. Bring a back up like paper maps, extra batteries, etc.

Collect GPS data with your iPhone!

Michael Carson from Santa Monica passed along this cool little iPhone app – can’t wait to try it!

Looking to easily collect GIS data with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? Check this one out!  And it’s free!


Japanese Company Achieves 3 cm Accuracy for GPS

Mitsubishi and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency achieved 3 centimeter (1 inch plus) accuracy with GPS by using a non-GPS satellite to boost accuracy.

LA Times article “GPS is getting an $8-billion upgrade” Sunday 5/23/10

The fleet of GPS satellites is to be replaced over the next decade and will provide greater precision. Â I don’t think this will matter much to most consumers but it will benefit the military, surveyors and other professionals who depend on accurate locations.,0,3054578.story