January 2020
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GISCI Map Contest 2016

Yesterday, the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) announced their 5th Annual Map Contest for 2016 themed, A Visible Change.

Per the Contest Summary,

“This year’s contest will require an entrant to utilize the National Land Cover Database (NLCD) to tell a story about change.

“Perhaps it will be about habitat loss, or maybe it will […]

LA County Image Change App

Explore changes over time in LA County using our high resolution LAR-IAC imagery. Click and drag the time slider bar to see the changes between 2014 and 2011 imagery. Several bookmarks have been created for you to quickly see some cool examples of development and the effects of drought on the landscape (e.g. LAX, Santa […]

CalGIS Recape #3 – live imagery is coming

MapBox did a pretty cool demonstration of something that is likely coming in the somewhat near future – Live mapping – in this case from a satellite company called SkyBox (click here for their site) – they have a shot from the Port of LA/Long Beach which is pretty amazing.

SoCalGIS […]

Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop – updates released

Hi there,

Pictometry has released is newest versions of “Connect” – which enable you to connect to Pictometry Online using your established username and passord.

Make sure you download the correct version.

Link to the Pictometry download page

Release Details below:


Fixing aerial imagery stretching in ArcMap 10.1 (or why does my imagery look so bad?)

ESRI has apparently made some unnecessary changes to the way it handles raster imagery in its newest version (10.1). The County goes through great lengths in its imagery project (LARIAC – see website) to ensure that the imagery is color balanced and looks good natively. When you added our data to ArcMap, it […]

Sandy, Before and after in pictures

Thanks to Chris Sellers of Beaches for passing this along: Drag the vertical line on the right side of each picture to the left, to see before and after.


Highest Definition Image of Earth Ever

NASA today released a new, high-resolution “Blue Marble” image of the Earth taken from NASA’s most recently launched Earth-observing satellite — Suomi NPP. This composite image is 8000 x 8000, and uses a number of swaths of the Earth’s surface taken on Jan. 4, 2012, according to NASA. For those of you […]

Creating raster datasets from source images – best practices

A Map Series

This is a technical article that shows you step by step how to create a raster dataset in SDE from multiple georeferenced image files. Todd Zagurski from Regional Planning and Mark Greninger from the CIO’s office created this document.

Problem: You have a map series that has been […]

Rooftop QR codes for advertising in Maps

Bill A’Hearn from Glendale passed this along – now advertisements will be embedded in the physical world? Don’t know what a QR code is? You will recognize it immediately!


My question after reading the article is: how will this company guarantee that the code will be loaded into Google or Bing […]

NAIP 2010 aerial imagery services

NAIP 2010 aerial imagery services (web mapping services) are now offered by the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG). The services are public and can be used to easily view the statewide USDA NAIP 2010 1-meter resolution imagery that was flown last summer.