February 2020
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LA County GIS Viewer Upgrade

The eGIS group has upgraded the GIS Viewer and also added a new batch geocoding function!

Here is a sample format of your Excel file to upload to the Batch Geocode function:

Click here to open the GIS Viewer

The following tools come with the new release […]

LA County GIS Viewer upgrade

The eGIS Group has implemented the newest version of the GIS Viewer, which enhances the user experience. These include:

Faster startup times!!! Integration to Pictometry Online (POL) for LAR-IAC partners (requires username and password) Slight update to themes (moving the Planning and Zoning data into its own theme) Click here […]

LA County 2012 – 2015 Enterprise GIS Strategic Plan

The Los Angeles County Enterprise GIS Steering Committee has completed an updated Strategic Plan that will guide the implementation and direction of GIS across the County for the next three years. I would like to thank all of the efforts of the strategic planning committee in helping create this framework document.

We have kept […]

LA County Enterprise GIS – a visual representation

LA County Enterprise GIS Map

The attached poster is a critical document for understanding my (and LA County’s strategy) for managing and deploying GIS across our enterprise. As a visual representation it is easier to understand than reams of paper and a strategic plan.

Click here to download the .pdf


LA County Solar Map impacts Feed in tariff


It has been a long time, but the work that was done for the LA County solar map provided the quantitative underpinning and justification for LADWP’s feed-in-tariff. UCLA used our solar database to analyze the impacts and benefits of a feed-in-tariff property by property, which helped provide support for the LA Business Roundtable to […]

Buildings built each year in LA County

Did you know that after World War Two, close to 100,00 buildings were being built per year? Makes our recent “real estate boom” a bit smaller (although most of the recent building didn’t happen in LA County).

Take a look at the two graphs.

#gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: […]

LA County Board of Supervisors approves new GIS Classifications (May 2012)


I haven’t had the time to post about this before today, but I am very happy to report that the LA County Board of Supervisors adopted a GIS classification series for the County!

For the first time the County has a career path for staff doing GIS, and will recognize […]

Public Works Annexation Maps for Cities in Los Angeles County

Glendale Annexations (sample)

Our Public Works department has been doing some neat maps showing annexations for all cities in LA County – this is both interesting (to see how cities have grown) and valuable, since these are high-quality and give the legal changes over time.

Here’s a sample from my city […]

GIS Day Proclamation Approved by LA County Board of Supervisors

LA County’s Board of Supervisors approved a motion this past Tuesday to declare November 16th, 2011 as GIS Day! I’m looking forward to the 15th, where the GIS Day committee, who has been working very hard on the upcoming event, while attend the Board meeting and get a beautiful scroll, which we plan to have […]

LA County live in ESRI’s Community Basemap

After a bit of work, ESRI has loaded a lot of the County’s data into the Community Basemap (AKA the World Topographic Map). This includes many layers from the County’s GIS data repository, and will be the most accurate online map available free to the public for areas that include the entire County. We will […]