August 2019
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LARIAC4 Kick-off meeting

Established in 2005, the Los Angeles Region Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LAR-IAC) has delivered highly accurate digital aerial imagery and elevation datasets to participants at substantial cost savings. To ensure the currency of the aerial imagery, we are working with consortia members to plan and initiate the next round of LAR-IAC – LAR-IAC4.

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LAR-IAC Program saves governments $10 million

I wanted to pass the LARIAC 3 Project completion letter along. Especially with the recent passing of Milan Svitek, who helped initiate this program, the timing is right to showcase the value of collaboration across the County.

LARIAC 3 project completion (pdf file)

For more information about LARIAC, please see:



Pictometry merges with EagleView

I have heard from Pictometry about this, and they noted that EagleView has been one of their customers for a few years. I hope that the strong relationship that the County has developed with Pictometry will continue, since they have continued to make good advances with their technologies …

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Fixing aerial imagery stretching in ArcMap 10.1 (or why does my imagery look so bad?)

ESRI has apparently made some unnecessary changes to the way it handles raster imagery in its newest version (10.1). The County goes through great lengths in its imagery project (LARIAC – see website) to ensure that the imagery is color balanced and looks good natively. When you added our data to ArcMap, it […]