August 2019
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Block-group level electricity usage in LA DWP

This is pretty cool – I thought I would share this visualization of Block-group level electricity usage in LA DWP territory.

Unfortunately is it only DWP territory, but it is a great start. I would love to add this the LA County Solar Map

A source of interesting articles related to maps

For your map-heads out there, The Atlantic’s Map section looks like it’s a great place to find out about interesting map-related articles.

Check it out!:

341 million dots on a map

Pretty cool – a dot for every person in the last united states and Canadian Census.

Check it out

FluView tracks the spread of flu

Thanks Doug for pointing me here – I like the time effect so you can see the spread of the flu this year, which is apparently pretty bad.

Get your flu shot!!!!

Jo Mora’s map of Los Angeles

Thanks to Joel Myhre for passing this tidbit along about an interesting map of LA that you can own if you want!

Here’s a quick tidbit:

It’s a neat map, because there’s little drawings of historical events, modern landmarks, and even surfers and Will Rogers. The borders are crammed full of […]

Tune your map data before publishing (MXDPERFSTAT)

Result sample

A tool I recently began leveraging is the MXDPERFSTAT tool that gives very detailed outputs for the layer draw speed in a map document. This can help you tune your map data to help speed up map drawing – critical for all mapping that you may be doing (both […]

Neighbors White Pages – get your neighbors phone numbers from a map


Your neighbor's phone numbers

Looks like they’ve geocoded the entire white pages – this could be good in case of emergency, but not great from a privacy perspective (although I’ve seen a lot worse on other site):

Map of the adopted LA County Board of Supervisor boundaries

In case you want to print out a large map of the newly adopted boundaries, ISD has created one that you can use. It is 60 inches by 77 inches.

PDF map of the adopted board boundares (60×77).pdf

Thanks guys!

Map of the night sky in 37,000 pictures

If any of you have played with Google Sky, this is a higher resolution version:

The article really discusses the amount of work this is. But I think of this as a map – just pointed up!!

Snapshot of the site


Real Estate Price Reduction Map

Sent by my good friend Joel Myhre

Interesting map showing the likelihood of price reductions in our crazy real estate market: