September 2018
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2018 GISCI Map Contest

The GIS Certification Institute ( is proud to announce its Map Contest for 2018, with a freestyle theme allowing you to create a map with a topic and style of your own choosing.

Map submittals may qualify for 1 point under the Contributions to the Profession category towards your GISP certification or recertification, and […]

See every day of World War 2 in one Timelaps

Thanks to Thierno Diallo for passing this along – pretty interesting – especially if you are a WWII historian.

The Whole World






LA County Park Needs Assessment Published

On Tuesday, May 3rd, the Board of Supervisors received and filed the Park Needs Assessment Executive Summary and discussed the draft language for a proposed park funding measure. This was a very GIS-intensive process, resulting in a large series of maps that profiled park needs across the County. Each Study Area was profiled, and […]

LA Lakers Star Kobe Bryant’s Last Shot (in GIS)

If you are both a basketball and GIS fanatic, be sure to check this out.

The LA Times has a leaflet map viewer showing every shot Kobe Bryant ever took – all 30,699 of them. You can explore makes and misses over his career, view buzzer beater locations, as well as shots taken during […]

States that fit into LA County by Population

This was sent to me recently – shows you how big LA actually is!

GISCI Map Contest 2016

Yesterday, the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) announced their 5th Annual Map Contest for 2016 themed, A Visible Change.

Per the Contest Summary,

“This year’s contest will require an entrant to utilize the National Land Cover Database (NLCD) to tell a story about change.

“Perhaps it will be about habitat loss, or maybe it will […]

Say goodbye to the weirdest border dispute in the world

Just found this poking around from a link sent to me – amazing what is really out there in the world. I learned about enclaves: small areas of sovereignty completely surrounded on all sides by another country – but this one is crazy:

The exchange between India and Bangladesh means that the world will not […]

100 outstanding maps of 2015

Read through a few of them – very cool stuff!

Part One

Part Two

USGS Topographic Map Explorer

Curbed LA has a good article about a new USGS site that lets you overlay old and new topographic maps – really cool interface too.

Link to the article

Link to the map explorer

Google Maps floods coastline of LA County !!!

It was brought to my attention that Google Maps appears to show flooding along the coast of LA. My suspicion is that either someone messed with their data using Google MapMaker, recently re-opened, or perhaps they pulled an older, incorrect data source. I’ve reported it, and they are usually very good about fixing […]