May 2020
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10 unusual maps of Los Angeles

Thanks to David Peck for finding this and passing it along!

Click here to see them!


San Francisco’s public Defecation Map

An interesting use of Open Data (can’t wait for LA County’s Open Data Portal to go live in the next few months). Â I know our Public Health department tracks the same things.

Here’s the source article.


Mapping “Dudeness”

The map of dudes

This is a great and fun article mapping how “dudes” refer to each other 🙂

Click here

Art made out of maps

In case you want something for you walls:

This is pretty cool:


SpaceBook – A 3D Map of World Satellites

How many of us, while explaining GIS to non-GIS users, find ourselves explaining that GIS IS NOT GPS? Well, here is a great online app that will let you demonstrate both of them at once!

Introduced by AGI, SpaceBook was created by the Commercial Space Operations Center to improve the quality of […]

Maps of water use by water agency

Wanted to share a pair of maps that someone made based upon the Water Purveyor Service Areas dataset available from the LA County GIS Data Portal.

This is the power of sharing – it comes back in interesting ways.

Click here to see the map of Per […]

Map of London V2 rocket sites

Thanks to Warren Roberts for sharing:Â

Read the article – but what was interesting to me was this line:

We’ve mapped out some of the impact sites above, with more to follow when we can access further information. Make sure you zoom in and check satellite view. Commonly, an area hit by […]

How much is $100 worth in your state?

Map graphic showing the value of $100 in each state – time to move to another state (but who wants to leave the climate here :))


Mapping Bike and Run paths

This is really cool, and definitely BIG Data:

Thanks to SoCalGIS for posting


LA County GIS Data Portal adds instructional videos

We have a pair of instructional videos for the LA County GIS Data Portal that will help you make better use of the data. Â The first video shows you how to find and download GIS data from our site, while the second shows you how to use free software to begin […]