January 2020
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Roam for Windows Tablets

IntraMaps Roam is a free and open source app for offline tablet use, providing a field-friendly interface ‘skin’ on top of QGIS. On tablets we tested, panning, zooming, editing, and taking pictures were extremely smooth and fast. Our prototype tablet had enough local storage to include 4 GB for vector basemap layers plus locally hyperlinked […]

iPhone app can help find parking spots in Hollywood

An iPhone App lets users know which streets have open parking spots in Hollywood. Parking info is expected to be available for downtown in fall of 2011. Android and Blackberry apps are also anticipated. The app is priced at $1.99 but you can see a parking info map for free at the link below.

Google Maps 5.0 for Android – 3D included!

Compass MOde

Amazing what Google is doing with mobile. Glad I have an Android phone!

Looks like they’ve added 3D, and offline re-routing for your driving directions (so even if you are disconnected you can get re-routed.

View full article on the Google Blog


Enhanced citizen contact with government

The next level of GIS is coming: dedicated mobile applications that provide residents the ability to request city services while they outside their home. See this recent article from the LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/la-me-city-phone-app-20100622,0,3490399.story

The only issue I have with the applications in the article is that they are too specific to an area […]