February 2020
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TileMill another step forward for Open Source GIS Software (maybe)

James Fee pointed me to this post, which caught my attention when it discussed doing maps on windows: “The lack of a really good cartographic tool has been the achilles heel for the adoption open source mapping, but TileMill plugs that deficiency”


I’ve installed both QGIS and gvSIG on my computer to test […]

Ushahidi – community-based mapping

Ushahidi's Website

I’ve heard a lot about Ushahidi before (link to the website) – it’s an interactive mapping platform that allows input from the community through various platforms. It has become extremely well known through its support of the post-election violence in Kenya, emergency response in Haiti, Japan Earthquake […]

Open Source GIS Software – gvsig

Does anyone on this site use GVSIG? I’d love to know what you think!

As you might know – I’m still a big fan of ArcView 3.3 – use it almost every day (it’s actually running now using XTools to summarize multiple fields) … Why? Because with ArcMap I find myself spending more time dealing […]

Using R to visualize Facebook Friends

There are a number of open source data visualization packages out there – R is one of them, and there are a LOT of very cool things that folks can do – take a look at this one:

Passed along from James Fee’s blog: Click here for the link

You may recall seeing […]

OpenAddress.org Beta site

I checked this site (http://openaddresses.org/)out. It looks like a good interface, but they aren’t ready yet. They only appear to have data in Paris.

A new resource is now online and rolling out at openaddresses.org – simply put, the resource boasts “OpenAddresses is a web portal for the management of Open Source worldwide localized […]