February 2020
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LA County Parcel Viewer

The Property Search and Reporting System (PSRS) will be taken down on 8/27/13. However, a new site – LA County Parcel Viewer – has been developed to serve as a replacement and it includes upgraded functionality and new tools.

The site enables you to:

Find an address Search for parcels by AIN Search for […]

Pictometry Online – Parcels updated weekly!

I have completed working with Pictometry to make an important change to the parcels shown Pictometry Online. There is a new layer called Parcels (Streamed) which is coming directly from the County’s servers, and is updated weekly.

In the past, parcel data was uploaded to Pictometry and pre-rendered in a Web Mapping Service […]

A discussion about parcel accuracy

Not perfect …

Occasionally questions about the spatial accuracy of parcel information come up. In general, it is important to note that the parcels are for tax assessment purposes only, come from many sources, some historical, and are not necessarily survey grade. That said, they are in general extremely reliable. So […]

Orange County Parcel Database Exempt from Public Records Act

There are a couple of different verdicts on this, but where Santa Clara used a security argument and lost, Orange County used a “GIS is a system” argument and won.

It’s a dilemma in general – how do governments recoup the costs for the maintenance of valuable data like parcels. Do we charge for them, […]

Cadastral National Spatial Data Infrastructure (i.e. National Parcel Database)

Passed along from Carol Ostergren:

I went to the site but wasn’t able to download data (yet). Maybe there was too much demand – but this is a valuable data source.

Download the Cadastral National Spatial Data Infrastructure, Public Data Set (version 1) from the United States GIS Data Repository The Cadastral National Spatial Data […]

Parcel-accurate ZIP Code Boundary Update Project

Zipcode creation update slides. […]