January 2020
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Redistricting Update

LA County has received 11 proposed redistricting plans to date. Here is a list of the plans. With each plan, the Boundary Review Committee has requested a large scale map of the plans. The eGIS team has started creating these monster maps (5 feet high) – thought I would share some pictures of […]

LA County uses online redistricting software

A new article describing the County’s redistricting software in more detail has recently come out – I thought I would share the link:

I originally posted about this on May 2nd – Link to the original post – which contains links to the actual application.

From the article (link to the full […]

LA County releases online redistricting tools

LA County releases online redistricting tools for public involvement in the redistricting process.

If you would like to try your hand at drawing the County’s supervisorial districts, try the County’s online redistricting tools: http://redistricting.lacounty.gov/index.php/create-plan-using-county-software/

You’ll need to register before you can begin updating the districts. I would definitely recommend taking a look at the […]

LA County’s Population is 9,818,605

So – the number is in, and the questions (I’m sure) are on their way. The Census released population figures from the 2010 Census yesterday as part of the redistricting process yesterday!

LA County’s population increased by only 299,267 people between 2000 and 2010, from 9,519,338 to 9,818,605. Still a lot of people!

Here are […]