August 2019
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Open Source GIS 101, Part 11: Why Learn About Open Source GIS?

Part 11: Why Learn About Open Source GIS? (and Final Overview of this Series)

There are many opinions about the risks and benefits of open source GIS software. Los Angeles County uses ArcGIS for its operational needs. After all, ArcGIS is mature, high quality software, and considerable resources have already been invested.

Even so, there […]

TileMill another step forward for Open Source GIS Software (maybe)

James Fee pointed me to this post, which caught my attention when it discussed doing maps on windows: “The lack of a really good cartographic tool has been the achilles heel for the adoption open source mapping, but TileMill plugs that deficiency”

I’ve installed both QGIS and gvSIG on my computer to test […]

Convert Google Earth kml to a shapefile

Just something I thought might be useful.

Link to the post:

Link to the Garmin DNR application page that is mentioned:

Release of Pictometry PowrSuite Extension for ArcMap 10

Thank you for your patience as we have been working hard to prepare the NEW release of the Pictometry ArcMap Extension, which is part of our PowrSuite product line of integrations. […]

ESRI GIS Options for Apple Macintosh

Here are a couple of links to GIS software options for those working with Mac computers.

And here is a rather long list of other Mac GIS software options.