January 2020
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Rooftop Reflectance Map released by Berkeley Lab

Pretty cool map released by the Berkeley Lab of rooftop reflectance. I checked and they are using the Building Outlines that we released to the public, which is good to see.

Click here for the full press release

Two things I hope they do:

Make the data available […]

LA County Solar Map impacts Feed in tariff


It has been a long time, but the work that was done for the LA County solar map provided the quantitative underpinning and justification for LADWP’s feed-in-tariff. UCLA used our solar database to analyze the impacts and benefits of a feed-in-tariff property by property, which helped provide support for the LA Business Roundtable to […]

Solar Map version 3 launched!

I am very happy to announce the launch of the third version of our solar map!!!

Check it out here: http://solarmap.lacounty.gov

Here are some relevant documents:

Press Release Instructions for using the Solar Map and Green Planning Tool Solar Map Flyer Instructions for accessing via a mobile device: […]

LA County Solar Map highlighted in Environmental Observer

The LA County Solar Map (http://solarmap.lacounty.gov) is featured in this fall’s Environmental Observer (click here to read). It gives good background on what the application does and its benefits.

Download and read the Environmental Observer article.

New York City’s Solar Map

NYC Solar Map

New York’s solar map is very nice: http://nycsolarmap.com/. I especially like the calculator tools, and how things are tied directly into the building outlines. There is a claim that it’s the largest LIDAR based solar map in the world – I would have to disagree since […]

Solar Map version 2 released – what color are your dots?

We’ve launched the second version of the LA County Solar map here: http://solarmap.lacounty.gov

There are some really cool new features to this new site, including:

The actual measurements from our solar model are represented on the map – you can actually see which parts of your roof are good for solar. What color […]

Heat Map of LA County Solar Potential

UCLA has been doing some pretty cool work with the Solar data that the County developed for the solar map (http://solarmap.lacounty.gov).

Norman Wong, from UCLA, developed this map. He did a heat map analysis of the adjusted potential solar photovoltaic system size over the area of each parcel countywide. It reflects the spatial […]