DCFS Referral Address Verification System

The Referral Address Verfication System is designed to help you verify provided address and determine the office and law enforcement information that go with that address.


Type in address, city and/or zip. Address(es) that are found will appear in the results box on the left side of the page.

Address Matching Tips

When matching an address, keep in mind that some common errors in addresses:

  1. Wrong or Missing ZIP Codes
  2. Wrong spelling of street names
  3. Wrong numbers.
  4. Don't include unit / Apt / Suites / Spaces / Room Number or anything similar.
  5. Don't include strange characters in address field such as # or dashes (-)
  6. Although some address will have Units, Apt, Suites, or Room number, it is not necessary for address match so deleting it will sometime help the application to find the address.
  7. The address is NOT in the County of Los Angeles.

 And finally, if the address is correct and is in LA County but you still can’t match it, it is probably an address in a new developing area of Los Angeles.In which case you can continue on to the next address.

HINT:  Go to http://maps.google.com or www.bing.com/maps to look up the address and see if it is a valid or good address most often times you can find what is wrong with the address so you can correct it in the address locator to try to match the address.  Sometimes you can even put the nearest intersection in the address locator to match the address (example: Maple St & W 142nd St) use the “&” for intersection.

TRICKY STREET NAME:  Of course some addresses are trickier than others, you will probably have to delete certain parts of the street names or put in spaces to split the street name.



Plaza Del Amo

Del Amo

Camino Real



La Fayette

Paseo Hermoso


Via Wanda



Mira Mar

Avenida Del Playa

Avenida Playa

Paseo Del Mar


Pass Covina Rd

Pass and Covina Rd


Sandy Hook


Zoom Bar

With the New Zoom bar, you can easily Zoom In / Zoom Out by using mouse scroll or clicking the " ZoomIn" or "ZoomOut" symbols.

Use the zoom slide"Extent" and you will zoom to that level on the map.

Click and drag the mouse to "pan" the map in any direction.




Map Layers and Symbols

Here is a list of important map layers and their symbols: